June 29, 2010

meet Elmo and Cookie Monster

last Sunday we brought Dayana to meet Elmo and Cookie Monster at One Utama. i got the mailer at the last minute and since Dayana is in Sesame Street mode at the moment (pagi petang siang malam she'll demand to pasang Elmo's World on the computer, repeat seribu kali pun tak apa) Significant Other thought it would be a great idea to bring her to see Elmo live in person. hahaha. she's a BIG fan of Elmo. we have 4 Elmo's at home: two birthday gifts from her Auntie 'Enn' and Significant Other's former boss, and two mechanical Elmos: the TMX Elmo and Elmo Live! (she recognizes Spongebob too btw but there's nooo way i'm having her own a stuffed toy Spongebob, eeeeeee).

they were having a promotion selling tickets for 'Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up' at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil from 3-5th September later this year. Significant Other memang wanted to bring her for this show since she was already familiar with some of the characters of Sesame Street (according to him, he used to be exposed to huge doses of Sesame Street on tv so that's why his English is good - so he says la hahaha). i don't mind. i was brought up watching Sesame Street when i was younger too. the theme song still rings in my head until now.

"can you tell me how to get,
how to get to sesame street~"

there's a 10% discount for early birds if you buy early. there's also a 15% family discount if you buy a minimum of 4 tickets under the family package (baby #2 doesn't count as the 4th party hahahaha). we bought tickets for ourselves and scored a free photo printout of ourselves with Elmo and Cookie Monster, lol (we got the 4R size. some got the 6R size. does the size depend on how many tickets u buy?).

Dayana was pretty excited when we arrived, she saw photos of Elmo on banners and excitedly went to point at them. she became even speechless when Elmo and Cookie Monster made their appearance at 5pm, with the Sesame Street song playing in the background. i was quite afraid she'd make a scene during the photo taking since this is her first time seeing a live-sized Elmo up close, but i think it went pretty well, despite staring aprehensively at both the Sesame Street characters like they were about to kidnap her. hahaha. she even waved goodbye as we were about to leave.

dayana meets Elmo & Cookie Monster for the first time irl!

meet Cookie Monster & Elmo

observing from afar

Cookie Monster: me wants CoOoOkie!
Elmo: Oh no! Cookie Monster is hungry!
guy behind counter: work first, then only eat!

posing with one of the promotional ads they set up in the mall

she knows who Big Bird is!

the only thing i'm worried about is 1) it's during the fasting month, and 2) i don't know if i've popped or not by then. what if i pop during the show? do i get free-for-life tickets to watch concerts at the Stadium? wahahahhahahahahahhaha

more information about this event can be found here.

lepakked for abit at One Utama. she's starting to show interest in these rides. i think she particularly likes the steering wheel. tak letak duit pun tak apa.

after One Utama we headed to Bangi for dinner where Significant Other got to watch his no-miss F1, followed by the World Cup match where England got creamed. hehe.

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