June 25, 2010

her first allergy reaction

Dayana was sick the past week. every 4 hours of taking her meds her temperature would shoot back up. but she was still active despite the high fever. not to mention it was the World Cup season, she could barely sleep soundly through the night what with the Daddy sleeping late.

anyway, after 3 days and no sign of the fever getting better, i decided to put her on antibiotics. the maid administered the first dosage in the morning so i wasn't around that time. but when i got back from work that evening she seemed to have spotted red rashes all over her face and body and her lips were chapped to point of bleeding. huhuhu. at first we thought it was a side effect of the antibiotics, a sign that the antibiotics was doing its job (i read somewhere about a viral rash or something). the fever was subsiding a little but the redness all over her body still didn't go away, plus they were starting to itch so i had to bring Dayana back to the Dr. to see what was up.

the Dr. suspected that Dayana might be allergic to the antibiotics so she was given a different set of meds to help with the rashes. i found it abit weird that Dayana was quite agreeable at seeing the Dr. that day. she usually screams her head off each time the Dr. comes close to scrutinize her. she even said ' bye Doctor' as we left the room. hehe. i had to fork out almost rm100 for two visits to the doctor, just because some companies only cover the employee and not their family members. sigh.

true enough, Dayana eventually got better, her temperature went down, the rashes weren't an ugly red anymore, and she was drinking more with the exception of pooping liquid as she always does each time she gets a fever (and is always without fail accompanied by ugly diaper rash, sigh).

so. we learned something new today. Dayana is allergic to ********** (name of med to be inserted later). a reminder for me the next time the Dr. asks if she's allergic to anything or not.
i hope that's the case, i wouldn't want to be worrying about her like that again, huhu.

on another note, i tried to teach her to recognize who Barbie is in an attempt to get her interested in more girly stuff (she's so into balls and cars these days). too bad she didn't take the bait. she only learned how to say 'babi' instead... and went off to call her Barney 'babi' pulak. haih.

at least she's interested in 'asak' (masak-masak). now that's something. lol.

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