July 1, 2010

ramblings on the 1st day in July

i've never felt so tired in my entire life.

Dayana is 22 months old already. another two months to the terrible twos. been hearing alot about this stage but i'm not sure as to what's going to be terrible. she was so happy to see me when i went to pick her up at my mom's yesterday. Ashu pasang Bobob on her laptop for Dayana to watch and dozed off (i think Ashu dah muak tengok Bobob haha), with Rusty curled up with them at the foot of the bed. kekeke. she calls my mom 'Ani' now. don't ask me why. she doesn't eat much too. any advice on how to feed toddlers? picky picky!

she kissed Rusty goodbye before going back. lol. and she loves my mom's kari ikan T_T. habis la. kecik2 dah corrupted makan spicy food. ni keje Daddy diye la ni.

we've settled on a couple of name choices for baby #2 already. ntah mimpi siang Significant Other one day decided to create a list of possible names to give the baby. i think the gender has been pretty much confirmed; my gynae has rarely been wrong. i'm superstitious about this, mind you. some older people say that you really shouldn't decide on a name for your child until the baby is born (for whatever reason that is beyond me). even Dayana dulu i think we started thinking about what to name her during my last month of my pregnancy. and finalized her name on tha day that she was born =).

this time around, Significant Other was quite excited to think up names for the coming squishy (nampak sangat tengah freeeeeee tak ingat). one fine day while i was busy at work figuring out how to execute a bunch of HLR test cases i got an email from him with 13 possible names for baby #2. haiz. i'm not mentioning them here, you have to hack my email if you wanna know (like i said, i'm superstitious. and what if someone steals the name we have already decided on? haha). when i saw the list, i was like, ini suami memang takde creativity langsung, chis! but there were some names on his list that i liked. and it was decided that baby #2's name would also start with a 'D' (don't ask me why we chose the letter D to name our first child, because i have no answer for that).

mil only requested that we give a meaningful name to the baby, and that we shouldn't give a super long name like Dayana's (hehe. fat chance).

we shortlisted a few choices and so we're just waiting for me to pop so that we can finally get a look at the baby before making our final decision. lol. i'm about 31 weeks and already rase tak sedap badan. unlike my previous pregnancy, i don't have the mood to eat these days. even yesterday a colleague of mine took one look at me and thought i was only 4 months along *pengsan*. i think i would fare really well during the puasa month nanti, haha. btw, this is my first time going through pregnancy during the fasting month. any tips from you mothers out there? should i skip fasting with regards to the baby, or is it okay for me to do so if i can manage it?

oh, and i really shouldn't take teh tarik at the Nescafe vending machine. i end up with a stomach ache each time i finish off my cup. haiya.

pissed off because the maid finished my mom's kari ikan this morning. i intentionally left abit in a container in the fridge because i wanted to cicah with roti for breakfast (which i also hid just in case anyone decided to eat the last two slices; the thing about not living on your own is that anything in the fridge is basically public property unless you declare it). but then just now bukak2 fridge sudah habis kene sapu. marahnyeeeeeeee! and so now i'm angry and hungry on the 1st day of July. tsk.

doesn't help that there's not much to eat at my workplace, huhu. starve la nampaknye hari ni. sigh.

p/s. tak baik telefon tengah2 malam buta. no ethics ka?


Honey said...

ok, I felt for you coz while reading this, i'm feeling really hungry too!! huhu... so when are we going out for a sumptuous meal? =D

Honey said...

oh it's me, btw. dini =)

E`n1x said...

oh hey! hi =D. forgive my ramblings. i crap most of the time actually. so please ignore me if i start to drone on and on to the point of total boredom... lol.

i'm craving The Ship's spaghetti and creamed spinach again, haha. or is there anything else that can top that? bila mau pergi? =D