June 1, 2010

letters to persia and prince of juliet

oh how i wish i could kick butt like her and stay beautiful at the same time. LOL.

i thought i was going to fall asleep during the movie but i guess i was wrong. i used to play Prince of Persia on my DOS computer back when computers were still in the stone age era. there was a cheat code that you could use to skip all the boring levels and get you to the final level, which seemed the easiest to attempt. hahahah. i didn't remember the game to be as colorful as in the movie. isn't the game supposed to be in some kind of gloomy dungeon or something? heck, while watching the movie i was more reminded of my husband's Command & Conquer Zero Hour game, what with all the persians, clustered housings and all the attackings and whatnot.

i watched Letters to Juliet prior to Prince of Persia that very same day. i read somewhere that the movie wasn't up to standards; that was partly true, but i find it a good romantic movie all the same if you don't put such high expectations on it. especially when the soundtrack included Colbie Caillat's 'You Got Me' and Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' (Significant Other's latest obsession after watching her play this psycho cheerleader in 'Valentine's Day'). you might know Amanda Seyfried from HBO's Big Love, but Chris Egan is new to me. he reminds me of the late Heath Ledger in a way. i'm not sure why.

how easy it was for her to get her happy ending =)

we would've gone on another movie marathon, but for the first time there were no more movie options left to see! grrr. oh oh guess what, i saw the movie poster for 'Lagenda Budak Setan'. omg i sooo want to watch it. i grew up on the Budak Setan books, the very few Malay books i actually took interest in when i was younger (not to forget the book 'Hati Yang Terusik' =P). and i hate reading Malay books, mind you. i still remember how often the words 'melabuhkan punggungnya ke kerusi' came up in the book to describe the character sitting down. AHHAHAHAHAH.

gosh if anybody comes across any of these books anywhere, could you let me know? i want them for my nostalgic collection!!!

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Dina said...

ahhahah. 'melabuhkan punggungnya ke kerusi'
what a way to increase word count ey?