June 16, 2010

baby #2 checklist

i've been procrastinating. but i guess i better list the items that i need to get within the next couple of months before i pop. good thing is, i get to recycle some of the stuff i bought with baby #1. bad thing is, some of the items on my list are mainly to satisfy my WANTS, kekekekeke.

my previous list for baby #1 was here. now i've revised the list (only because i've grown a bit wiser as to what's useful, what isn't so - konon, haha). things that i don't need to get - because i already have them - will be greyed out for my reference.

apparel: Dayana has a bunch of gender neutral outfits (at the time i was superstitious and didn't get anything in pink, most of Dayana's pink outfits were gifts from the fil =P) so majority of the clothes for baby #2 will be hand-me-downs (unless i can escape to the nearest department store to buy a bunch of new ones lol. i'm a cheapskate. i don't buy MC outfits until the baby is older, huhu).

..6-8 long sleeves/short sleeves
..onesies + pants
..5 stretchy sleepsuits
..1-2 hats
..mittens and booties
..1-2 receiving blankets
..dress-up outfits
..laundry detergent
..muslin squares (i don't care i want new fresh white ones haha)

nursery: most of the stuff will be recycled. i get to save alot here.

..baby crib and mattress
..cot bumpers, fitted sheet, comforter (i want a new set for the baby. Dayana has only one crib set, sungguh kedekut nk beli last time because they're really expensive)
..mattress (latex or foam)
..waterproof bedpads
..blankets - Mothercare (Dayana made them her security blankets. tsk. next baby needs to get attached to something much smaller!)
..pillow and bolster (contemplating looking for a better pillow)
..dresser bin (i don't have space for baby #2's stuff!!!)
..baby bouncer - to assemble
..baby mobile - to assemble

bathing: i have a lot to learn in this department.

..bath tub (a stand would be nice tp malas lah. i got no space at the house for a stand)
..bath seat for mommy
..6-8 wash cloths (preferably a more softer one on the skin. borong cloth wipes ok tak?)
..baby body wash and shampoo - Buds
..hooded bathtowels - 3
..baby powder and lotion/oil - EMAB
..soft bristle hair brush
..medicine dropper / syringe
..nasal aspirator

..nail clipper (i need a new sharper one)
..baby thermometer (Safety Plus)
..changing mat
..top & tail bowl
.. a container to hold all these bath items =D

diapering: again, depends on your preference on what you need.

..baby wipes
..disposable diapers
..kissaluvs =P
..scented plastic bag for soiled diapers (travel use - i still have a bunch of these left, sayang nak guna)
..drapolene baby rash cream + EMAB (thanks Sarah!)
..cotton balls + container
..gripe water

feeding essentials: i can just go bankrupt in this department.

..milk storage containers & liners
..bottles and teats - avent bpa
..bottle brush - avent
..sterilizer - tommee tippee (thanks so much Auntie 'Enn'!)
..breast pump
..breast pads
..bottle/food warmer
..burp cloths (borong more cloth wipes! =D)
..bottle drying rack
..ice packs
..breastpump bag (or maybe i can get someone to fix the lining... hmmm)

travel: the most expensive in my opinion.

..moses basket
..car seat
..duo stroller (WIP)
..baby carrier or sling (i have millions. enuff already)
..travel changing mat + megoriginal
..diaper bag - to fix avent zipper
..mattress - snugglenest?
..car seat head support

for mom: ahhhh.... just for meeeeeeee!

..maternity or nursing bras
..maternity pads (sudah banyak cloth pads. but i guess i should buy some dispo just in case)
..nursing tops
..mothercare hospital bag =D (this is one of my WANTS) <- sudah pupus
..disposable breast pads - Avent
..disposable briefs

yay! the question is, bile la mau pigi shopping ni? should i wait for the August baby fair?


Rozy said...


woww you have a verrryyy loooong list :-)
mine is much much shorter..

E`n1x said...

oh yeah oh. you're popping first =D i should ask you what's on your list! haha

farrahar said...

hospital bag...
tolong laahh!

E`n1x said...

far dengki =P the bag comes with nice things inside too. tp dunno lah berguna to me or not haha