June 17, 2010

guess it's goodbye

ack! i've finally sold these beauties off! i'm wondering if i'll ever look back and regret this sale... i can't remember the last time selling was soo hard. the more i keep coming back to look, the more reluctant i am to sell (padahal if i didn't sell the item will probably end up back in the closet collecting dust as how my cloth diapers are currently experiencing). yesterday i was hunting for the heels in the store room when i came across a whole lot of other shoes that i forgotten i had (including the Nine West heels i bought in Texas recently, arrgh). my sis wore a pair of forgotten Vincci heels to a wedding the other day and the heels reput and came off, kekekekeke. i don't know why i can't do peep toe heels. adakah sebab my toes are gemuks? (for the record, i don't suffer from water retention during pregnancy, just the usual muscle strain which i hate).

anyway, life must move on. the closet must be cleaned out. the old must go out, and in with the new. haha.

i miss my shoes already. and i haven't even posted them out yet.

this saturday will be going to the post office. got lots to post out. i'd like to apologize for the delay to those waiting for fluffies. things have been pretty hectic these days. and i'm getting pretty sick of the parking conditions in my work area. MPSJ suddenly decided to go on a saman rampage. and somebody's car got stolen i heard (and remember my side mirror mishap? grrrr).

i'm back to puking mode. sungguh tak bes. and i'm sick of the food here. i want nasi ayam and nasi campur KLCC. air tebu too. kat shah alam kat mana makan bes?


Zal said...

Haha seems like everyone is putting on sale right now. But anyway good for u and good for the all of us to let go of those unwanted stuff. Did u post it all at mudah or somewhere else?

E`n1x said...

mudah. i posted 8 other things as well but this was the most enquired about. but the way some ppl sent their enquiries was a bit of a turn-off. some even asked me to call them instead of the other way round. i mean, why can't they drop a nice proper email if they're interested in buying in the first place?
oh well. one down. tons to go. lol. i noticed people these days can afford to buy brand new, no matter the cost =P.