April 30, 2014

tea time

my team never fails to disappear from our work area at roughly around 2.30pm every day.
due to the size of our current team, we don't have any proper team building.
so we make our own version of what you call 'building the team'.

i'm not sure if the big boss knows this yet. HAHA.

our team has other skills we can utilize to our benefit apart from developing and executing, you know.
it all started from the idea of 'just experimenting' which has now evolved into a 'daily fix' now.

and with my new lowerpro (that everybody thinks is a gym bag), i happened to have my camera with me, so proper photos for us today, yay.

the girls on the 26th floor

the 14 minus 3

we decided to add So into the photo manually because he was busy (and not feeling well) that he couldn't afford a coffee break with us. and we're missing two other teammates this time.

spot the So!
i have no idea who the guy behind the glass is haizzzz

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