April 7, 2014

hash brown hash tag

you know, i noticed that people tend to go overboard with hastags.



ok so fiiine, it's addictive.

do you know of its original intended use?

a hash tag is a label for content. it is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic and to begin a conversation.

hash tags are not case-sensitive, not does it have any sort of police governing its use, so you may find that a certain hash tag might already be in use that may or may not necessarily be related to its name. if you wanted to share or look up information for a particular content, all you had to do is utilize the hash tag and voila, you're able to quickly find information on that same topic. you can find out alot of things using the hash tag function. haha.

if you haven't gotten the hang of it, no need to worry. Significant Other hasn't gotten the hang of it either =P.

there are a number of social media websites that support hash tags, most popular in twitter and instagram.

i don't really utilize hash tags, so if i do i purposely add a space after the '#'. hash tags are also used informally to express context around a given message, with no intent to actually categorize the message for later searching, sharing, or other reasons (yep, that's me).

ok, sekian untuk insight pada hari ini.

are you a chronic hash tag user? lol. i read online that taking 'selfies' is a mental disorder. ahahhahahaha. do you know that owning a monopod's like an 'in' thing now??? anyway, here's one for the post: a selfie with me and the kids.


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