April 15, 2014

Dira at 11 months old

Sophia turned 11 months old on Sunday. one more month until the big One! there's a whole lot of things she can do these days.

- she can wave at you
- she sways to the music whenever she watches her reruns of Sesame Street episodes
- she loves to stand on her own, possibly to show off her newly acquired skill.
- if you take her hand and guide her, she's able to take small steps all around the room, something that she enjoys doing.
- tried getting her to do the hand motions for Twinkle Twinkle little star, but all i get are blank stares from her.
- of all the toys she's been given lately, she'll always be fascinated by rattles.
- she adores her older sisters. very the eksaited whenever she sees them around (she always get abandoned, so kesian).
- she can't fit into the soft-soled walking shoes Dayana used to have. at her current age this third kid seems to be outgrowing her older sisters.
- she can whine!
- vainpot, she'll always smile at her reflection in the mirror and even kiss it haha

last Saturday while the husband had an event at Aviax, i took the kids to KizSports at the Main Place. this place is so new, they don't even have their banking services set up yet. parking is still free here.

i didn't really enjoy the playgym here, there were not many play choices for the less-adventurous kids like Dinara. also, i'd be happier if the babies section was larger for them to move about on their own freely without having to worry about being knocked over. having one ball pool didn't really cut it for me. babies love to crawl, but there wasn't much space for them to do so, especially with the older and bigger kids running all over the grounds without even watching where they were going.

anyway, all aside, the kids had fun. this was Sophia's first time at the gym. apparently she didn't really fancy the ball pool much, she preferred crawling on the floor, leaving her socks behind in the process T____T *note to self: find better-fitting pair of socks for Pia.

dumped into the ball pool
figuring out what the ball tasted like
trying out the slide for the first time haha

the elder found their own way around the playgym, with the exception of Dinara who most of the time kept close to her younger sister because she was afraid of getting on the gigantic slides on her own.

cheeky monster

see my eldest trying her hand at wall climbing *you see that Pakcik??? lepas ni boleh bawak Dayana pi climb skalik hahahhaha*

she climbed up all by herself

priceless facial expression of Pia enjoying the empty ribena box haha

before heading home, we stopped for some ice-cream at The Cream & Fudge factory (mainly because i didn't want to make a pit stop at Toys R Us!). each kid chose 1 flavor each: chocolate and bubblegum (for the pink lover, no guess as to which kid chose that flavor).
omg, the pink flavor tasted exactly like those Bubble Yum chewing gum i used to like when i was younger *pink overdose for me*. Dayana didn't like the pink taste, hahahah.

and the youngest? safely asleep in my trusty ring sling after crawling hard =D.

the husband certainly has been busy the past couple of weeks. oh look, the husband has fans now, lol.

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