April 23, 2014

let's watch tv

while Sophia watches reruns of Sesame Street downstairs, the elder two watch Barbie and Princess movies while Mommy and Daddy gets to khatam our tv series in peace.

so i'm usually not a fan of malay tv drama because they usually more or less carry the same plot - pendengkian, pendendaman, percintaan, etc. i'd prefer to be hooked onto my english tv series if anything. i'd be the only one among my friends who would usually not understand what they were talking about whenever they discussed about a particular drama series on the telly.

the other day Significant Other decided to download Rindu Bertamu di Abu Dhabi from tonton. have you Malay junkie seen this before? this is a 2013 tv series that consist of 29 episodes. actors in the series included Fahrin Ahmad (who sang the opening song), Lydiawati, my doppleganger, and a few others who i did not recognize until i googled their names.

the series took place mostly in Alor Setar (and Abu Dhabi, obviously), so be prepared to see lots of Menara Alor Setar in the background, haha. the plot ending was sort of predictable, although i didn't see why some of the character's fates had to end in that particular way... anyway it wasn't as long winded as Adam & Hawa (hahahah until now i haven't finished watching the series).

watch if you will. on another note, can anyone recommend me another Malay tv drama series i could follow? =D.

oh, have you watched 'the 100'?

according to Significant Other, this series is like a cross between Lost and Battlestar Galactica (erm, not that i actually enjoyed both of the series...). the series is set 97 years after a devastating nuclear war, where survivors consist of residents of space stations (the Ark) orbiting the Earth. due to a flaw in the life support systems, a group of 100 people (hence the title) is sent down to Earth to see whether it is re-inhabitable again.

the series is based on a book of the same name by Kass Morgan, btw. watch if you like all those sci-fi stuff. as of to-date, only 6 episodes have been aired. let's see if this series manages to survive more than one season.

too many series that i follow have ended, or have been forced to end due to various reasons. How I Met Your Mother has finally reached its end (boo), Arctic Air has been discontinued after 3 seasons due to budgetary reasons, even Nikita ended its run, after running for 4 seasons with the last season consisting of only 6 episodes T__T. the Walking Dead has completed its current season, you're gonna hafta wait for October to find out what happens next (and i hate those darned cliff hangers). well anyway it's almost May, so most of the current series would be reaching its finale by now before the long summer break.

what i watch with Significant Other right now:

- Greys Anatomy,
(i'm still hooked to this show after so many years)

- Two and a Half Men,
(more like Two Men, 1 Lesbian and many weird people)

- The Blacklist
(watch if you enjoyed Alan Shore in Boston Legal! hahahaha)

there are a few other series we follow but haven't started watching them yet, some being CSI, Glee, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., 2 Broke Girls, Supernatural and the Vampire Diaries, to name a few. i want to watch Unforgettable but Significant Other bolayan that as well, chis.

Under the Dome is set to release its second season in June, so not to worry, still got something to watch during the summer, haha. this series is based on the novel by Stephen King. expect weird unexplainable sci-fi stuff in this series as well.

at the rate of everything that's happening in the aviation industry, let's all download Air Crash Investigation instead =D.

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