April 8, 2014

online tesco shopping!

have you tried ordering from Tesco online? i have, just now. it was my first time, haha.
i know i know, some of you would rather want to 'scrutinize' your purchases before buying - fruits, vegetables, meat, those kind of things. we're picky that way, no?

we don't have to brave the long queues at the supermarket as often anymore, especially if you're only replenishing certain things you've run out of at home.

so yeah for my first online purchase i decided to stick with the basics.

- eggs,
- rice,
- dipes,
- sauces,
- detergent,
- noodles,
- milk,
- dry stuff, per se, etc.

it's really simple pimple, all you hafta to is register yourself online and then you can go ahead and simply add items into cart to your heart's content (haha macam shopping baju pulak).

once you're done all you need to do is confirm your details, pick a delivery slot from their schedule, and wait for your stuff to arrive. payment is made only when they deliver to your door, but they only accept credit card, they don't accept cash on delivery (it's safer that way, i suppose). they also charge a flat rate for delivery to your door (hey, they took the time to assemble your order and ship it all the way to your door, even, mcD pun charges for delivery =P).

they delivered my order on the dot well within my chosen time slot. well actually earlier today they called up to ask me if they could deliver earlier but i was at the office and there was nobody at home to make payment if they did. the delivery men were really friendly too. like!

they'd ask you to double check your items before you make payment. if any of the items you ordered wasn't in stock, they'd suggest you another similar item and it's up to you whether you'd want to accept it or not, no obligation. easy that way, no?

i got a free gift for my first time purchase (mineral water and sample dishwashing liquid, haha). i also got free delivery for my next online order if i spend rm150 above.

the only item in my list that i couldn't find on their website was car wash soap.

maybe next time i'll try ordering 'wet food' and see how that delivery turns out. lol this isn't an advertorial post, i'm writing this just out of sheer jakunness hahahahhaha.

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