July 15, 2010

a little more on Dayana

Dayana loves to pester Mommy rather than Daddy. i just don't know why. padahal ade je Daddy around.

if she wants something that's out of reach, she'll bug Mommy to get it for her.
if Mommy is busy but Daddy is there to help her instead, she'll still insist that Mommy be her intended victim.

if Daddy is sleeping, she'll quietly play on her own without even disturbing Daddy's slumber.
if it's Mommy that's sleeping, she'll be jumping and crawling all over Mommy in about 5 seconds flat. terus tak jadi tido.

if we were to go downstairs or upstairs, if she's in the mood she'll insist that Mommy carry her and not Daddy (aaaaarrrggghhh). oh it would be okay if i wasn't expecting, i realize i can't carry her for too long anymore.

if Mommy plans to do a disappearing act for even 5 minutes, she'll wail her lungs out as if Mommy were to disappear for eternity.
if Daddy isn't around, she doesn't seem to mind much(probably since Daddy used to disappear for business trips and ends up appearing on Skype more often than not).

if she wants more milk, she prefers to bug Mommy for a refill. probably Daddy buat susu tak sedap kot. if the milk tastes weird, she'll hand back her bottle, saying 'tak dap' (not nice). and so we'll have to make her a new one.

she'll only bug Daddy over one thing because Mommy doesn't have one yet - the iPhone.

recently she's so into watching my sil dance for an EY stint Daddy recorded on his iPhone. she'll demand 'nak Auntie Enn, nak Auntie Enn'... haiz. she's getting good at unlocking the phone already on her own. haha.

last night i was in a cranky mood because i think it was like the umpteenth time Dayana asked me to refill her milk bottle (she drinks alot at night) and i was about to just hand her her bottle and tell her to go to sleep when she said 'you Mommy' (her version of 'thank you Mommy', no more 'too much', lol!).

argh. terus tak jadi marah. even if she did disturb my sleep at 3 o'clock in the morning.

she's in the mood to ask me for hugs and kisses too these days. i wonder where she learned this from. sometimes she'll come to me and say 'Mommy, hug' or 'Mommy, kiss'. and she won't forget to kiss my tummy as well. lol! sungguh syiok!

the best part is, Daddy needs to bribe her with 'aikim' (ice-cream) before he can get his share of hugs and kisses from her.

best. best. (score 1 for Mommy! tee-hee~)

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