July 7, 2010

marimekko mikaneko

no thanks to elly, i've been quite captivated by marimekko unikko prints. why ah? it's actually a pretty boring print - printed flowers that comes in three sizes, the unikko, pieni unikko, and the mini unikko. yet... i still like them. haha.

too bad they come in limited colors. tsk. i hate it when they do that - prooduce the most-wanted in limited quantities and expect people to fight over the availability. huhu.

anyway, i'm planning a custom soon (Significant Other knows about this, although he doesn't really understand what the big deal is haha) so i've been mulling over fabric the past month (although i'm in no hurry because my slot is due about the time i deliver) and i try to limit my choices because the longer you stare at fabrics you'll end up being rambang mata because there's just too many to choose from...

also, i easily get influenced by other people's choices =P. i like fazie's chosen fabric for her custom, as well as norley's supposedly custom, but in a different color. anyhow, to make my life simpler, i decided to limit my choices to three:

- amy butler's Love collection
- joel dewberry mulberry collection (my 'safe' print, looks lovely once made)
- marimekko mini-unikko collection

i like this:

but this is the pieni sized marimekko. if you put it on a carrier, it would look like this:

the flowers are quite large, you can't really see the pattern that well once it has been sewn into a carrier =(

then there's the mini unikko:

but there aren't many minis that have a colored background. so kurang cun. and they come in limited colors too =( phooey.

the mini unikko pattern would look like this on a completed carrier:

i love this purple!!! but i think they're pretty htf now =(. sob.

oh just for fun, this is the size of the regular unikko:

sebesar-besar alam punya big. haha. cantik kan the color? another htf. tsk.

and a simple comparison between the pieni and mini i found on a Japanese website somewhere:

which one would you choose? and what color? and why? LOL.


Ariana said...

aku sukaa, aku sukaaa ini posting!!!

blue on blue mini..
red on red mini .. TDF !

E`n1x said...

lol. agreed! not only are they tdf, they're also htf too. huhu~~