June 4, 2013

SOHO - the final product

so we finally managed to complete the unit and have it rented out by the time June came around, thank God.

managed to convince Significant Other the need not to over furnish the unit as per our agent - does nothing to increase the asking rental price.

management still owes me 2 defects though. i can't believe just a teeny bit of plastering pun susah nak buat. and i really don't understand how the bracket that they initially fixed went missing on its own. grrrr. shouldn't they have spare furniture parts for defects purposes?

our agent is nice. i didn't know it at the time, but he's the random guy that helped me lug my fan from the parking lot to my floor, haha. and i do hope the tenant is ok. they seem pretty decent. their only request was for us to tint the windows, i'll see what can be done about that. baru 3 weeks into confinement, definitely not a good idea to go hardware hunting right now.

anyway photos of the final product. i must say i still prefer our other unit better, but hey, with the price it can command, who wouldn't?

downstairs living room
washing machine and refrigerator, came with the unit
the kitchen
the odd one out
bathroom, the only one in the unit
stairs leading upstairs
the studio concept - open bedroom
added lightings and drop down fan - DEKA
curtains drawn for bedroom privacy
upstairs bedroom closet and mounted telly
bedroom furnishings

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