June 30, 2013

bukanet family gathering

the boss was to be posted back to Dublin next month. this required some sort of mini farewell.
Nadia's house was still fresh from the oven. this totally required a housewarming.
so, put two and two together, between the both of them they managed to kill two birds with one stone:
put together a mini farewell barbeque for the boss + housewarming partay for the house owner.
uber cool, huh?
and we guests finally got the see the 3-storey house we kept hearing about but never saw irl haha (jangan marah ye tuan rumah =P).

host: Nadia.
boss: Elvis.

surprisingly, every member of my team showed up without fail. such a cool close-knit family they are. am grateful to be an addition.

we got lost getting there, haha. waze took us somewhere else instead, which was also within the area, but not the right road. the event took place on Saturday evening, barely a day after the skies were freed from haze. i was just a few days post-confinement period.

we got to:-
- eat good food (tp ayam cepat sangat habis lah, huhu sebbaik lamb banyak lagi)
- talk crap as we usually do
- get a free tour of casa-de-Nadia =D =D (bile leh taruk deposit? =P~~)
- well, the kids actually - got to turn the house upside-down, hahaha

Mashi made the best chocolate cupcakes ever. i practically had to hide the last piece from Dayana. she abandoned us adults for monkeying around the house with the other kids. Dinara shy-shy as usual, had to coax her out of her shell before she took to shadowing her sister. baby? didn't allow me to eat in peace. hmph.

managed to get a group photo before everyone left. the kids enjoyed themselves so much and had so much fun Dayana even demanded to go back to the house next time to play with her friends. fineeeeeeeeeee. playdate, boleh?

the NAR family
the mamas of the family. Chie's (not pictured) the only exception: she's a hawt mama LOL

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