June 21, 2013


before and after

i dunno whether to laugh or cry.

all three girls were blessed with fluffy heads since birth. those horror stories of hairless heads even after a year deterred us from shaving D1 and D2's hair off, sayang rambut konon. besides, they look soOoO adorable with their tufts of hair. i'd imagine that people would start asking me if my child's a boy (and true enough, that did happen, heck you deck your child from head to toe in pink and they still ask, boy or girl? @_@).

so you tell me, whether it's fact or myth: will the new hair that grows back be super better and prettier than the initial hair they were born with? or is that a cover up story to mask the fact that it would be easier to scrub away those tiny flakes from their tiny little scalp without their hair in the way? =P~~~

since she was baby girl #3, we thought, why not? hair is hair, it'll grow back eventually. just look at my friends' kids, those that had their heads shaved, are they still bald now? 

anyway, it's done. i still love my bald, spit-up baby =D. i just hope Dira won't look back at old baby photos and ask me why she didn't have any hair on her head while her sisters did T_T.

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