June 24, 2013

birthday party at YuKids

the older two kids haven't gone out anywhere fun since the arrival of the youngest, so when elly whatsapped me her kids' birthday invitation a few weeks prior to the event i thought ok, why not? they should hang out more with kids their own age (and size) anyway. driving with three kids in the car strapped in? easy peasy. NOT.

if anyone has any tips on how to get a baby less than a year old to settle in the car seat without having them wailing their lungs off, by all means do let me know. you'd have thought after numerous times being shuttled around in the car, she'd have gotten used to it by now. no dice. when Dayana was younger she would fall asleep as soon as the car starts moving (and she still does to this very day haha). with Dira, if it's not her sleeping time, she'll refuse to sleep, choosing instead to exercise her vocal cords with breaks in between to catch her breath before resuming T_T. Dinara will offer her sister her Bear for 5 minutes before taking it back, haha. so far only Atuk (in UK) has managed to catch her attention long enough to make her stop crying, i'm guessing probably because he's a whitey, something different to stare at apart from her parent's hangus faces LOL.

anyway, so there we were, three kids and a frazzled Mommy on the way to YuKids at the Curve on a Sunday afternoon. i guess since i'm rarely online these days i never got the location update on her birthday party, so i ended up at the wrong venue T__T (apparently i didn't get any whatsapp updates... and now i understand the feeling whenever Norley mentions the word 'askar' haha). the guy at the counter told me, 'yeah there was supposed to be a party, but they moved it over to Paradigm' T__T. ironically everyone i tried calling to ask about the party never picked up their phones, luckily Jaja was engrossed with instagramming and didn't miss my call bahahahahah.

we arrived at the venue in one piece, don't worry. as expected, the kids made a beeline for the rides without even bothering to check out the food. i remember the last time they went to a playland like this they were too scared to go on the rides on their own. Mommy jugaaakkk had to tag along, squeezing herself into those miniscule slides, sampai ter-sprain ankle hokeh T_T. this time i simply introduced them to the ball pool (you know, those enclosed space surrounded by net with so many balls inside it), left them there and made a beeline for the food, wahahahahaha.

the ball pool?
met some old-time moms there too. the food was lovely - bihun, chicken wings, apam, cream puffs, fruit tarts, just to name a few (maknye yang kebuluran sebenarnya, dapat makan besar hahaha). the kids didn't bother much with the food except to drink milo. the fruit tarts was one of my favorites. there was so much food we even brought some back in tupperwares =P~~~ Significant Other LOVED the cream puffs, i should've taken home more (and then i'd have to wage war with ito for them bahahahah).

her occupation: fulltime instagrammer
some of the mamas who came
i stayed there for two hours even after the party was over to give the kids a chance to finish their energy. at one point i thought Dayana went missing but ito found her over by the big blocks, playing on her own. Dinara was busy collecting balls so i introduced her to the big slide. big mistake. she could never have enough of that slide. a big feat for her too, considering she used to want me to hold her hand each time she slides down. but not this time. slide down head first pun tak apa (ni angkara Dayana la ajar dia hahahah). she even climbed onto the trampoline all by herself (following the elder one of course). considering that she gets really shy among strangers, that's an accomplishment.

round n round she goes
the ball-collector
block-building on her own
the huge slide the kids couldn't get enuff of
spinning teacup ride?
Dinara got herself new shoes. i was clearing out the closet the other day and found some of Dayana's old ones that she got for one of her birthdays. Dinara could fit into it unfortunately the shoes had rotten so the soles came off at the Curve bahahahaha and she started to get really bad blisters on one of her feet so we dropped by Stride to get her a new pair of sandals (huh panjang benor ayat). the only thing i don't like about them is that they're white, but i didn't have much choice to begin with.

oh and the kids managed to extort from me got themselves Polly Pockets from Toys R Us. i hate em Pollies, they come with tiny spare parts - changeable rubber outfits - that will definitely go missing within time. Dinara kept going on and on about Barbies (people would just hear her say 'nak babi! nak babi!') but we have enough barbies to share between the two of them, and besides, they don't come cheap. i suggested to get My Little Ponies but they wouldn't listen, sigh.

p/s. happy birthday also to Norley's two kiddos who were born on the same day, different year =D combined celebration lolz

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