June 9, 2013

kenduri doa selamat & d3's cukur jambul

mil was holding a kenduri doa selamat at her house, she asked us if we'd like to do majlis aqiqah and cukur jambul for Sophia as well? all we had to do was supply the kambing.

it was a last minute decision, and since we were considered 'crashing' an event, i apologize if i didn't manage to invite more of my side of the family.

i'll let the photos do the talking.

breathtakingly awesome
gorgeous dais
sleeping beauty
third time Daddy
snip snip...
keep calm and cukur jambul
makchu and the screaming newborn haha
with her Uncle & Auntie
lucky to have them as their Auntie and Uncle
Dayana, 5 years old
close knit cousins
big baby 1
ummm big baby 2 is scared
my two elder precious

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