April 12, 2013

pampering hair wash

two days ago i tried out aida's natural hair care regime:
- deep conditioning with vco,
- shampoo with aida's rosemary lavender shampoo bar,
- ac vinegar rinse

finally got around to opening that gigantic vco bottle i bought at Jusco last month (have to postpone trying to make my own lotion bars since i don't have all the ingredients ready - broke!). the smell that greeted me as i pried the stopper open - not bad really. it smelled of... well, coconut. haha. i also planned to take vco orally because of all the good benefits vco can offer (and also since i can't afford bird's nest @_@) so i swallowed a tablespoonful - the taste wasn't bad. tasted like bland oil, if there ever is such a thing.

then i put a tablespoon of vco into a small container to slather all over my hair - deep conditioning, step 1. you would think that one tablespoon wouldn't be enough coverage for long hair, think again. i think i ended up with more than enough oil on my hair. in fact, i only realized aida wrote 'teaspoon' and not 'tablespoon' in her email, no wonder i felt like there was so much excess oil haha, i ended up running my fingers through both of my daughter's hairs too. i ended up looking like a greasy monkey hihi (ok not really la. it kinda feels like my uni days when Sarah used to massage baby oil in my hair after a good hair wash ;D). however it eventually started to smell a bit off imo, unlike the first time when i opened the vco bottle - i was reminded more of coconut basi, if there ever is such thing. hahahhaha.

so the next morning i used aida's shampoo bar to rinse the oil out of my hair. i asked her what was the difference if i just used a normal soap bar instead of a shampoo bar on my hair. she said shampoo bars offered more lather - which i like. so lather lather lather lather - shampoo with aida's rosemary lavender shampoo bar, step 2 (ahhhhh so niceeeeeeeeee).

the last step involves rinsing your hair with vinegar to get your hair feeling nice and soft. it even helps with dandruff i hear, but don't take it from me, try it for yourself. she recommended combining 1 tablespoon of apple cider vineger + 1 cup water + essential oils. i absolutely hated the smell of the vineger, i think the one i found in the storeroom was nearing expiry, it smelled awful @_@. the only essential oil i had with me was tea tree oil, so i added a few drops of that. so after rinsing off the shampoo, i poured the whole concoction onto my hair - vinegar rinse, step 3. don't forget to rinse your hair again with water, unless you want to smell like a walking salad bowl.

i only air dried my hair, no heat involved. am going to try this once a week for a month to see if there's any difference to my hair. so far, i'm liking the feel, it's not as frizzy as it usually is after a wash, but the smell is abit unsettling, probably something to get used to. two days in and although i haven't gotten back my natural hair oils, it hasn't gone all frizzy on me. and that awful salad bowl smell seems to have dissipated too =D.

liz asked me, since when did i go for natural stuff, i simply replied since i don't have money to buy wraps anymore, which could be partially true bwahahahah. the wrap i'm still eyeing for is on auction and the current price is 550+ usd, with 4 days to go T__T. crazy much?

nina dropped by during lunch hour yesterday to send me a mini rv cake. oooh i've forgotten how much i love her creamcheese frosting. she posted up a random photo of some machine spare part and asked people to guess what it was. as baby luck would have it, my bantai of a guess was the closest answer. yayyyyyyyyy!!! mv does not have any cakes worthy of my stomach, seriously. my colleague yani can do a mean chocolate cake. nina too, her rvs are marvelous.

thanks nina, you made me a happy pregnant lady =)

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