April 8, 2013

D3's checklist

so i had a baby#1 and baby#2 checklist before.
you wanna see what's in baby#3's checklist?

apparel: basically nothing bought new, 100% hand-me-downs for the pretty lady. thing is, i need to dig into my storage boxes for them, which i haven't even started doing.

..6-8 long sleeves/short sleeves
..onesies + pants
..5 stretchy sleepsuits
..1-2 hats..mittens and booties
..1-2 receiving blankets
..dress-up outfits
..muslin squares

nursery: again, nothing bought new here, the amount of junk i've accumulated for D1 and D2 combined would be sufficient for D3.

..baby crib and mattress - to reassemble
..cot bumpers, fitted sheet, comforter
..mattress (latex or foam)
..waterproof bedpads
..blankets - Mothercare
(i'm going to use Dinara's, since she got attached to her 'Bear' rather than her blankie like Dayana did)
..pillow and bolster
..dresser bin

..baby bouncer - to assemble
..baby mobile - to assemble

bathing: aiya, what to buy, what to buy...

..bath tub - to reassemble the baby hammock
..bath seat for mommy
..6-8 wash cloths

..baby body wash and shampoo
..hooded bathtowels - 3
..baby powder and baby lotion/oil
..vicks, yuyi oil

..gripe water
..soft bristle hair brush
..medicine dropper / syringe
..nasal aspirator
..nail clipper
..baby thermometer

.. changing mat
..a container to hold all these bath items - Mothercare
(the one i bought for Dinara is at my mom's)

diapering: erm, no CD-ing for me this time round. huhu.

..baby wipes
..disposable diapers
..drapolene baby rash cream + EMAB
..cotton balls + container

feeding essentials: still have a bunch of bottles left right center. restock for EBM utensils i guess.

..milk storage containers n liners
..bottles and teats - avent bpa
..bottle brush - avent
..sterilizer - tommee tippee
..breast pump..breast pads

..bottle/food warmer
..burp cloths
..bottle drying rack
..ice packs
..breast pump bag

travel: still is the most expensive in my opinion.

..moses basket
..car seat
- to install
..baby carrier or sling
..travel changing mat + meg original
..diaper bag
(er, what is my diaper bag this time round?)
..mattress - snugglenest?
..car seat head support

for mom: ahhhh.... just for meeeeeeee!

..maternity or nursing bras
..maternity pads (sudah banyak cloth pads. but i guess i should buy some dispo just in case)
..nursing tops
..disposable breast pads

so when will i have time to double check my inventory? i dropped by the baby expo in MV last Friday, which was a bit of a disappointment for they only occupied two halls and the things that were for sale weren't what i was looking for. i only ended up getting two Avent bottles, a couple of pacifiers, and hooded towels for the newborn. and i've decided to get all the toiletries from Tesco, haha.

my gynae estimated that i'd be due by the end of the month judging from my track record. i hope it would be sometime within the first week of May because April seems too early. my edd is mid-May. i already got no mood to do work, pregnancy brain and eye vision sucks big time.

i visited my gynae last Monday morning, and for the first time in a long time, i got to be the first patient of the day to see my gynae, haha. of course i still had to wait awhile, but that's expected. i brought Dinara with me since i abandoned her during my LIMA trip, but she didn't seem remotely interested in the 2d scans showing up on the new Samsung monitor which my gynae had just acquired. her ultrasound machine broke down recently and she just got a new replacement. better technology apparently, because even my gynae seemed a little jakun while she was scanning D3, haha.

my ribcage aches more often than not (at first i thought it's because of my bra's underwire). i can't even find a comfortable position to sleep each night - if i sleep on my right, baby will kick like crazy because apparently that's where her head resides, if i sleep on my left, i feel like gravity is descending on me double the weight. sometimes you can just feel the baby stretching in the womb, imagine a cat on all fours stretching its body after a long nap. whenever she does that you can feel so much pressure on your bladder and intestines and you start to wonder if the baby wants to come out now T_T (oi, i still got 5 weeks+ to go ok, i haven't even prepared my hospital bag yet!). going up the stairs leave me breathless more often than not (and yet i'm amazed at myself for braving the crazy number of stairs during the F1 pit walk visit a couple of weeks ago @_@).

ooh this arrived for the baby and me. so eksaited to go home and wash my hair now. haha. got this from my friend Aida's cozy online store, drop by if you're into natural.

we haven't decided on a name yet for this little bub. might get started on reorganizing the kids closet later tonight to see what else i can recycle or give away. toodles~

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