April 14, 2013


i'm not really a fan of Tom Cruise really, despite him acting in all those awesome action movies (and despite having a drop dead gorgeous daughter). but this recent movie of his ain't too bad. the storyline that is. it beats G.I. Joe: Retaliation any day. i thought the movie would be sucky since it's sci-fi based (and my initial reaction at watching the trailer was 'ugh'), but seriously, it makes a good watch. these days it's difficult to find movies you can truly be satisfied with (or perhaps people are more harder to please as they grow older hoho).

Oblivion, currently in cinemas
the heroine look familiar? she's a Bond girl. Russian. there ain't many main actors in the movie, the other two being Morgan Freeman and some girl that i am not familiar of. the rest of them consists of a bunch of extras supposedly being the 'aliens'. hmmmm.

the drones are scary imo. i wouldn't go out fixing them on my own, for you can never predict the behaviour of machines, they might be your friend one moment, the enemy the next. the movie's setting kinda reminds me of some sort of video game, like a cross between Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy hahahah.

but the aliens could be a bit more... aggressive?

anyhoo, Iron Man 3 will be out next week. mau tengok!

tony stark. eep!
i'm also looking forward to Despicable Me 2. i can never ge enough of this funny-looking blown up fat yellow pills... the minions! or the 'cousins of Gru'. Dinara absolutely loves them. i know i can bring Dayana to the cinema because she knows how to behave, but Dinara? -____-

coming in July?

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