April 18, 2013

curtain affairs in soho

well, at least the curtains are up. if you ignore all the dust and comotness, the unit might actually be livable by now.

it's like putting on a show pulak
this is Significant Other's big idea in lieu of a sliding glass door. and i must admit, zaira's workmanship wasn't too bad either.

the view from downstairs
all the curtains in the unit were of the same design, only different color. we chose off white/beige as the room divider, and chose golden-brown for the main windows because i can just imagine the curtains 'changing color' after a year of being rented out, it goes without saying that if it's not yours, why bother taking care of it, right? huhu.i wonder how efficient the curtain divider will be able to act as a way to trap the cold air from the upstairs aircond.

but in terms of display, Macy did a better job i guess for my SR unit. they hung the curtains in such a lovely way that it felt almost sacrilege to ruin their presentation, or even to undo the drapes to close the windows, haha. ini zaira? this was how they left the window curtains at:

ta-da, upstairs windows. simple pimple
they did the same for the downstairs windows, so i tried to connect the two edges to get that drapey effect. as nice as it looked, i think it kind of limits the amount of sunlight that enters through the windows. heck natural lighting within the whole unit became limited once the curtains were up that you had to turn on the lights.

pretty presentation
how the curtains look drawn
now i feel like ordering curtains for my own room, haha. last time i was a total noob, back when there were limited curtain shops in the area we bought material and had them sewn into curtains, all from Ikea. material pun bodo-bodo je, haha.

House of Zaira
No. 51, Jalan Plumbum P7/P, Pusat Komersial Seksyen 7,
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Operating Hours Daily: 11am - 8pm

what's left, for mister contractor to complete finishing touches to his workmanship, acquiring a dresser + sidetable for upstairs, and clean-up then i hope we're good to go. oh and there's two defects that managed to spring up only after renovation was completed:
- all four of the upstairs side table's wheels were damaged, as if someone deliberately stood on top of the side table T__T
- the stupid connector for the bottom of the kitchen cabinet went missing, as if someone deliberately stole it, initial defects included this as well so that's why i'm pissed

and by mid of next week i HOPE i can finally show the unit to an agent. i can't remember already when i first got the keys to the unit, defect-fixing and renovation took so long i'm sick of the place already, haha.

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