February 16, 2013

the second child

Dinara's yes and no bunyik sama je.

no: nanak *nodding her head furiously*
yes: nanana! *while bopping her head enthusiastically*

she still doesn't pronounce Daddy correctly. she'd go 'Dayiiiiii!!!'

demands to spoon feed herself with no help. she'd pat a spot on the table where she wants you to place her plate of food, and she'll feed herself - and make a huge mess in the process T_T.

biggest stains i've had to contend with recently:
- chocolate stains
- spaghetti sauce stains!!!

tried to get her to eat topless, she got so mad and kept demanding to put her shirt back on haha.

she chooses her own outfits you know. mengamuk if you force her to wear something that she doesn't want.

pantang ajak pergi jalan, she'd be first one to head for the door, put on her shoes and say 'lesgo! go! go!'.

she's a fully certified cinapek, what with her now short hair, LOL.

the other day i only brought her to LGK because the elder has school to attend, i guess she really missed her sister because when Dayana arrived a good 5 days later, she kept going 'kakak!' and petting Dayana lol. we took a walk at this abandoned bridge the other day and she kept insisting to hold her sister's hand. 'hand! hand!' she'd go. unfortunately sometimes Dayana simply wanted to run free without having to babysit her younger sister lol.

oh the fights between them still continue, of course. that goes without saying =S

lately Dinara ni clingy semacam. is it because of baby D #3?

budak nakal
Dinara and Daddy. she chose the outfit herself
Dinara n Mommy

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