February 11, 2013

coconut shake

the best coconut shake according to Nurel resides in Melaka.

mind you, i only like air kelapa, any other form that you sprinkle on those traditional Malay cakes me no likey.

goodness knows when i'll be able to go jalan-jalan cari makan in Melaka, so i decided to settle with trying out coconut shake in Langkawi.

it's a stall located by the roadside just beside that ridiculously crowded ikan bakar + nasi campur restaurant in Padang Matsirat. seriously, buses will drop a whole bunch of tourists to have lunch at that restaurant. can't deny that their ikan bakar is good though. anyway, that's another story.

ayaq kelapa... bes oOOoOo on a bloody hot day... especially in Langkawi. a good day for flying too.

coconut shake reminds me of vanilla milkshake.

the signage
coconut shake or the simple air kelapa... yumms on a hot day
ada gaya ambassador ayaq kelapa tak? HAHA
i think Significant Other's hooked LOL.

did you know that the coconut is called the 'Tree Of Life'? oh, and that coconut water is good for pregnant mommies like me =D. so... is a coconut a fruit, a nut, or a seed?

i do so want to write about my CNY in Langkawi, but photos are still in my camera me thinks, and also in bil's camera, who i rarely see at home these days ever since he started working. engineer yg gigih ok. leaves the house before 7am to take the train... and catches up on his beauty SLEEP while onboard. HAHA.

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