February 20, 2013

real flower?

i found this on my desk this morning...

with an orange sitting on top of the box (post Gong Xi Fa Chai punye limau). i didn't see the note at first because it was positioned directly under the box.

*looks left and right at other people's desk to see if they received the same thing*

it's a norm for these people to go holidaying and coming back bringing little trinkets for the whole team - keychains, magnets, chocolates.

that box? reminded me of Chinese takeout *terus imagine fullmoon giftbox sets*.

opened the box.... this was what was inside... CHOMELS! fake flowers!!!

ok la after closer inspection (and after reading the care instruction inside the box) they're actually REAL flowers, designed using some canggih technology from Japan. cute eh? too cute! i'm a sucker for all these trinkets. buat semak meja lagi ade la hihihihi.

you actually do need to water the flowers, but only a little to keep them happy all day long. one word of advice on the care card: DO NOT FLOOD. lolz.

if they die, then i never really inherited my mom's green thumb.
the only thing i'm good at growing are taugehs *think primary school science experiment* haha.

thanks HW, Muz n Nurel. beats cengkerik any day =D

you can go to their Facebook page if you're interested in knowing more about these flowers.

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Unknown said...

sila jaga flower tu leklok .. jgn sampai jadi suicide cactus (like nico's cactus) ..hahah