February 8, 2013

beetlebums oz

couldn't afford to stalk one. so here are photos of the ones i was allowed to borrow from my lovely friends last year *muaks*

* note that i am no expert with BB, am only trying them out to see if they're suitable for smallish petite me who has only managed to find love with Bloo Kangaroo without having to alter the carrier's original sizing.

1. this is ieda's BB! came with its own custommed bag + chest straps which she didn't realize she had =P

there is webbing on the body straps which probably contributes to the slight bulkiness of it, and it has an nondetachable hood. the buckles are positioned on the body of the carrier, so i guess underarm rub is avoided that way..? the straps were set too wide for my narrow shoulders, they kept slipping off. i fail at front carries with SSC btw.

and here is me, test driving it in my messy room with my so-called guinea pigs:

2. then i tried pah's BB (which is now no longer hers), a wrap conversion made from i-have-forgotten-the-wrap's-name. supposedly this BB is newer than ieda's BB, so perhaps the sizing might have 'shrunk' abit? unfortunately for me, N.o.T. this one also has webbing on its body straps, and turned out to be even more fluffier than ieda's BB.
Dinara wasn't around so i used the eldest for a test drive. she never says no =D.

notice the gabak straps? too big, bulky and they kept sliding off my shoulder if i didn't use the chest straps. not much difference from KP's gabak robocop straps. me likey its vibrant color though.

3. this is (or was) shida's denim mermaid BB. it's kinda heavy because of the material. this carrier is baby sized, so at that point of time it was with me the fit was perfect for Dinara. it had a strap you could use to adjust the base of the carrier so you can cinch it to accommodate smaller babies (i forgot the actual name for it... waist cincher?).

this one also had webbing on the body straps, but since the body size is slightly smaller than the previous two, the body straps fit quite snugly on me. i forgot whether this one had a hood or not. i rarely have use for hoods on SSCs, i can never get my kids to sleep in an SSC.

well, that's my BB story. mak tak larat nak stalk for a custom made one. probably i'll wait until the market becomes saturated or something. previously it was the BK craze, then the KP craze, now the BB craze @_@. i'll stick to wraps, thanks =)

4. oh wait. there's one more...

*evil laugh*

- SSC = soft structured carrier
- BK = bloo kangaroo, bukan bege king
- KP = kinderpack
- BB = beetlebums

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