February 5, 2013

26 weeks

yerp, going into 26 weeks this week, give or take. small?
heck i don't think i even gained any significant weight T__T.
my gynae would be so mad. lol.
some say i'm carrying low, i suppose that's true, baby loves to bear down weight, ouchhhhh.
i'm practically living in dresses and leggings these days. maternity wear? umm, no.
they don't cater cool-looking outfits for XS people anyway. they assume everyone balloons after childbirth - not the case for me.

these days i've been craving for sweets and desserts. baby's doing no doubt.

have you tried love potion #31 from baskin robbins? lol this is the first time i've heard of it (nurel says i live in the dark ages). the usual flavors we'd usually get at BR would be gold medal ribbon (Significant Other's favorite). another flavor i like is cotton candy because it reminds me of rainbow paddle pop. love potion #31 is 'white chocolate and raspberry ice cream swirled with a raspberry ribbon and loaded with raspberry-filled dark chocolate hearts and chocolate chips'. sugar high, much?

according to nurel it only makes an appearance in january. i tried it on her insistance and yes this is one flavor i like too. nurel went crazy and bought herself a small tub on the 31st to indulge on, lolz.

another dessert i'm craving for is Chocolocious Sundae from Delicious, sil's recommendation. it's like a combination of ice cream and pavlova, we went out for dinner the other day and had dessert at Delicious afterwards. ooh the red velvet is nice there too. if i had a mixer and oven with me right i'd probably go out for ingredients and make myself one. haha.

all this talk about food is making me hungry. too bad there's only one (or more like 3/4) Cadbury bar left in the fridge to pig out on, lol.

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