March 28, 2016

what's with the PMs

if you as a buyer ask the seller to "PM", please don't reply them like you don't even remember why they're PM-ing you for *roll eyes*. awak yang suruh PM kan? be a good buyer and directly message the seller lah. i mean, if you wanna buy an outfit from Jovian (for example), you don't go asking him to "PM" you, correct? and even before you type those two annoying letters, please read the whole post beforehand. it's likely most of everything you need to know is included in the sales post.

yeah i wrote this recently. i was pissed. buyers get it so easy these days, with sellers selling their wares not only through physical stores, but also via websites and Facebook pages and Instagram. and those are only just a few that i can recall from the top of my head. belum lagi putting order through whatsapp! emails and private messaging are there to convey your purchase intention.

and yet buyers still have the tendency to leave a "PM" at your sales post. when you (as a seller) check your Inbox and find that there's no incoming messages (even in the Others folder), you go and message the buyer instead. but imagine the annoyance when you finally do get a reply from the buyer but the buyer doesn't even remember what item you're selling in the first place.

seriously, awak yang suruh PM kan??? *steam comes out from both ears*

it's fine if the seller requests to leave a PM if it's a matter of first come first serve though, mainly to keep track of who saw the sales post first.

which leads to another problem: buyers tend to not read the whole sales post before PM-ing the seller. most of the time sellers includes everything you need to know in the post: what item they're selling, the color, size, material, etc., asking price, and whatever extra need-to-know information. yet some buyers choose not to read and simply PM the seller, which will then lead to asking questions that can already be answered had they read the whole original post in the first place.

i experienced that earlier today. specifically wrote what COLOR item i was selling. when the buyer asked to PM i sent her the same photo i posted to jog her memory, and she said 'owh, ok sis pass ye'. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

unless of course, the seller purposely does not put an asking price for their item because they want to sell at an exuberant price, or to find a buyer that can offer them the highest price. really, no kidding. it's really none of my business if you want to sell a RM200 item at RM350 for all i care. go ahead and knock yourself out, it's your item to begin with.

in my dictionary, a personal shopper differs from resellers. my definition of a personal shopper is as follows: someone who purchases an item on your behalf because you as a buyer has requested them to do so. you utilize their services at a price agreed by both parties before the personal shopper purchases something for you. yes?

which also leads to another trend these days: people purchasing in bulk items that are highly-sought after and pose as personal shoppers who then resells these items back at a ridiculously higher price. these item were originally offered to the public to purchase at retail provided they have an internet connection (which in this era, is almost a necessity). unfortunately, everyone likes to make a quick buck, don't they?

and most of the time normal buyers miss out on these sort of releases because of this. these people are the ones that miraculously out of nowhere says, 'i have a few extra available, please PM me!'. lol. and there you are with your cart empty (despite clicking 1000x Add to Cart) and you start to wonder how the heck did she manage to cart so many???! haha.

all that being said, it is not my place to judge how much you sell your item. i am simply musing about the people who purchases items, especially items that people are coveting for and reselling them because they managed to secure extra (and also just because they can). like what i said once, i cannot brain that the store sold out in seconds but the items were 'readily' available 'to buy, please DM me' barely 5 minutes later.

i remember being one of those disappointed people, unable to purchase because i was slow. it totally ruins the purchasing experience, eh? and i wasn't one to purchase the same item at a higher price (trust me, when i say higher, i mean waaaaay higher, sobs). i mean if you had an option to purchase at retail, you'd go for that, correct?

ok i'm done ranting today. i don't know what my point is. just needed to let off some steam.

another thing that i've come to realize recently (just because Mr.Pilot's days have been starting earlier that mine lately) (that has nothing to do with this whole rant of mine, LOL) is that i'm done leaving the house early in the morning just to get stuck in rush hour traffic for one AN HOUR before reaching the office. i'm better off leaving an hour later and taking only thirty minutes to reach the office, therefore preserving my current mood and sanity. no?

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