March 3, 2016

ten months young Emma

Emma Mariah is ten months young today! i found her in her crib this morning up and awake in such a cheerful mood. she'll always have smiles for you, unless she thinks you're not gonna pick her up. but ermmm usually this happens with just me, the Mommy. i can't put her in her playpen every morning without having her wail after me when i leave for work.

she's grown up to be a heavy baby! she drinks way too much milk, eats way too little and has yet to warm up to solids.

already solidifying her relationship with the bottle than with me *cries*.

she loves to go jalan! the only kiddo to sit contentedly in her car seat while Mommy's driving, provided her pacifier is at the ready.

loves to pull herself up on her two little feet, leveraging on whatever furniture (including your legs if you're standing nearby). if you let her be, she'll crawl away as fast as her four limbs would take her.

she has no signs of teeth yet. but is always fascinated at looking at other people's teeth. probably because she doesn't have any of her own yet.

she will sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with you, baby language.

her eczema has flared down a little, now isn't as bad as when she was younger.

everyone says she has her Daddy's eyes T___T. liars.

i give up trying to fix her stranger anxiety.

you know how gangsters like to make those gestures with your fingers if you want to pick a fight with someone? well i don't know who taught Emma that, but she randomly does that sometimes with her fingers. her way of flexing them perhaps? lol

there is this one habit of hers that even bibik notices: whenever she's crawling about and encounters any sort of stray stuff on the floor (say a grain of rice, for example, or cookie crumbs), she'll poke and prod it with her index finger. if the stuff manages to stick on her finger, INTO HER MOUTH IT GOES T________________________T

please refer to the following exhibits:

grain of dunno-what manages to stick on her finger!

where every next best thing go O_O

Mommy loves you always Emma Banana!

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