March 20, 2016

he's finally married!

fefeeling gitu

one of my colleagues got married recently. we thought he'd never get married. haha! (marah orang tua tu =P~).

he used to be really annoying, and you wouldn't get much help from him for unknown reasons. aaaaand he'd always bug you for food (he has a higher metabolism rate than mine apparently lol).

we noticed that he's turned into such a softie now. bahahahhahaha.

so i guess that new wife of his did him some good, eh? LOL.

he still swings by my desk two hours after lunch without fail to ask if i had any food or not. lulz.

well anyway, congrats Luqy and wifey! i guess it all turned out awesome for you in the end, eh? may you grow old and grey with 20 kids. hahahhahahha. i'd like to say that i have a million questions about VoltDB for you when you get back to work, but i'm better off bugging Siew Wai or Ben about them, so.

the food was good, btw. i didn't get to taste the cendol, though. i was too busy waiting in line just to take a freaking photo with you. i'm glad that the wait was worth it, haha.

the boss thought you'd recently purchased Photoshop and had been busy you-tubing on how to use it. no pun intended haha.

NAR family photo

anyway, i stopped by Tesco to get some stuff and i finally got around to wiping the 10 centimeter worth of dust off my slow juicer! hahahhahahha. i hate the juicer for personal reasons - i need a ton of fruits just to yield 700ml of juice T___T also to say that you can't just simply mix fruits and vege at random, they might end up tasting and looking like something Frankenstein just barfed up.

in the past year my house acquired one too many devices one could imagine (no KitchenAid unfortunately haha), so i guess you could say the slow juicer kind of got neglected along the way.

700ml = 3 bottles of juiciness

then they haaaad to tayang all their juicing efforts in their instagram accounts, my eat-clean-kunun friends. bahahahhahah and since i balk at paying exuberant prices for cold pressed juices at stores, i decided i'd rather press em myself. kudos to my peeps, you know who you are.

so my juice of the day involves: 3 green apples, 2 red apples, 3 oranges, 1 celery stick (to follow Norley's combination. i just added the celery because i had 1 stray stalk lying around in the fridge). hmmmmmm i need more of them fancy plastic bottles! =P

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