March 13, 2016

planner peace...

... doesn't exist. or maybe it does. i dunno.

i do know the term stashified is non-existent, so perhaps that too can be said about my blog title.

yes? no?

well anyway, after numerous trials and errors, i've finally settled on this little arrangement:

my fabric planner was made my Lina of Wonderdori by Ann. my Hobonichi Weeks can be slotted in one side of the sleeve (provided i take off its plastic cover... pui), and then i stuff the pockets with stickers (that i still so sayang to use *rolls eyes*) and washis-on-a-stick. the notebook's there for me to jot down my daily stuff of what i need to do, things i need to remember (but then i tend to forget about them even before writing them down whoops bahahahhha). i diy-ed the notebook and decorated the cover with my so-many-washi-i-dunno-what-to-do-with-them =D.

but i guess i'm halfway towards planner peace because there hasn't seem anything that i WANT to buy lately. i keep telling myself for an ocd like me, thinking too much about how to decorate my planner would defeat the whole purpose of keeping one in the first place. i kind of like the size of my Weeks, it's not too big, but it has enough space for me to keep track of stuff, with minimal deco in between.

no, i'm not up to par like some of the other planner addicts out there, but at least i have most of my stuff in one place =D.

the only downside to this is that i'm a frixion-freak - i need to rub out mistakes i make in my planner, or else i'll resort to the koyak-buang phase. a coleto pen doesn't allow me to do that, and frixion pens don't come in a barrel like a coleto does (with the exception of the fat one, but the refills are not as readily available as coleto). and i like my planner to be in techno-color, so i lug around a fat pencil case with me everywhere i go, haha.

i almost got held back at Hong Kong customs because i brought so many pens with me on the flight, bahahahhahaha. crazy pen-woman.

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