May 28, 2012

i want shoe

how was your weekend? my weekends are getting crazier and crazier... and i'm getting physically exhausted each day. thank God for the morphine in green tea, and let's hope that age hasn't caught up with me yet.

i haven't bought shoes in 2 years, did you know? the last pair i bought was my black Skechers (the one i wear practically everywhere) that i bought in Penang sometime in May 2010 back when Significant Other was studying there. i was browing through vivy's blog when i came across the photo below. and decided that despite abandoning heels so long ago, i wanted to own a pair. because they look ridiculously sexy. never mind that they tower at 5" tall. doesn't help that anything she wears will look incredibly interesting on her =P.

at the moment, i don't know whether i should laugh or cry that they don't have it in my size. but i'm secretly hoping that they do have a pair in my size hidden somewhere in the deepest corner of their stock room. shhhhh.

screen shot

on Saturday,i took the kids out to Amcorp Mall to see my friend's mom. wanted to make matching baju kurung for them this year and i needed to ensure their measurements were correct. word of advice: never serve two opinionated kids milo dinosaur, especially when you are lacking of extra hands. huhu. on the way back, Dinara spotted Ronald McDonald, so we stopped to take a long-lost family photo.

say cheese~!

and since i promised Dayana, i brought the kids to the playground in S7. oh they had so much fun going up and down the slide repeatedly. since it was already late, the playground wasn't so congested, i really don't like it when the elder kids get all raunchy and conquer the playground.

Dayana insisted i take this photo

another word of advice for me: it is futile to attempt to finish your prayers with these little sugar-high rascals jumping all over the prayer mat, thinking that it's funny to be draped in a long white piece of cloth T_T. how the heck do you guys khusyuk with the kiddos around? i ended up storming into the other room to finish my prayer. itu pun diorang diam2 sneaked into the room via the connecting bathroom. grrr.

ok please ignore the kain that Dinara was wearing. the telekung Dayana was wearing was donated by Auntie Norley and since i didn't have a pair for Dinara, i used the bottom half of the telekung and simply sarung it over her head. chomel kan? AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA

budak-budak inesen konon

Dinara sudah pandai mintak susu on her own. when she wants it she'll go 'nak shu shu~' in this wispy voice of hers. suara style kesian pun ada. haha. then bile dah habis she'll hand you the bottle. she'll persistently go, 'nah! nah! NAHHHH!' and won't stop until you take the bottle out of her hands.

Dayana pulak, will go, 'Dayana nak two je, Dayana taknak three, TWO je'. three, two, refers to the number of bottle refills. hogwash! 3/4 of the time she would berjaya kelentong me. haih. maybe i should teach her how to bancuh her own susu next time. what say you? =P~


Anonymous said...

Ur kids r adorable lah. So, r u getting a maid any sooner? Or sudah ade?

E`n1x said...

hi! at the moment, no, haven't found hired help yet. i have too many things on my plate at the moment and too little $$. i don't know how u survive =P

scudmami said...

ohhh cute and creative lah Dinara's telekung lol... and the telekung is still too big for dayana ekk.. takpe, bleh pakai lama hihi.. .