May 30, 2012


in response to my query on bleeding gums while brushing teeth.

[5/19/2012 1:45:53 PM] myraazmi: hola!
[5/19/2012 1:46:13 PM] myraazmi: gusi bdarah mcm2 reason
[5/19/2012 1:46:35 PM] myraazmi: baru lagi ke dh lma dh?
[5/19/2012 1:47:25 PM] myraazmi: bleh jadi sbb wrong brushing technique
[5/19/2012 1:48:24 PM] myraazmi: kwn aya slalu gum bleeding masa brushing dentist kata gusi dia hyperaemia - bnyk sgt blood supply kt situ
[5/19/2012 1:48:49 PM] myraazmi: bley jadi sbb gum disease - genetic. mami ada. hoho
[5/19/2012 1:49:04 PM] myraazmi: or lack of vit C or vit K
[5/19/2012 1:49:20 PM] myraazmi: or could be symptoms of other severe disease
[5/19/2012 1:50:16 PM] myraazmi: try gosok betul2 laa. guna soft toothbrush. run vertically. pastu gargle listerine
[5/19/2012 1:50:28 PM] myraazmi: or air garam

my sister the gum doctor. haha

been using the same brand toothbrush since forever. been brushing the same way i've always been. i guess a trip to the dentist is in order. now if only the waiting list wasn't so darn long.

OT: it seems that, the easiest answer to everything would be salt. no kidding.

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