May 10, 2012

Dayana's cam skills

so my one and only action shot with swallows...

looks like Dayana's camera skills have increased just a tiny bit... she managed to get a feasible pic among so many blurred ones... LOL (although compared to my iPhone, her iPod photos come out sort of grainy). i really didn't get it when tbw mamas keeps selling and buying the same wrap all over again... til now =D.

oh and please kill me, but i only realized i never had an action shot with this one until yesterday. because it was all folded up neatly in its original bag, buried under all the pillows and stuffed toys on my bed. oops.

roses ember! another photo taken by Dayana, since my other cameraman is currently out of commission and skills might have possibly gone rusty. so glad i came across the preorder when i did. this is a keeper. i find i prefer wraps with less bounce as of late. it's a size 4, btw if anyone plans to dibs this. only stick thin people like me prefers this size for all carries.

for the first time ever, i reached the officer before 8am. haha. supposedly i had an early training, but for three days straight it got cancelled. next week perhaps. i'm addicted to drinking tea in the office these days too. i guess i finally got sick of choco-chino, a more fancier name than 'milo' (bak kata encik kopi mesin di pantry haha). however, i take all my teas with 2 spoons of sugar, so i don't know if i can call this healthy... i like the smell of coffee but ain't a caffeine drinker (i hate the smell you omit when you go to the loo afterwards hahahahaha).

i've been addicted to Sims ever since joining a gaming community (no thanks to Liz =P) and yeah for some weird reason it's addictive. if only i could earn real money from playing this.

this goes to show i really need a new hobby. i told Significant Other i wanted to buy a sewing machine, he told me to go borrow mil's. uhhhh... ooookay.

oOoOoOoh, my friend Atiqah finally achieved her childhood dream! so happy for her. i wish i was 10 years younger. LOL. congrats babe =D.

mother's Day is coming up this weekend. i bet Significant Other will probably forget about it like last year (last year he got lucky that we happened to be outing at Sunway Pyramid) and my kids are too young to say 'happy mom's day' to me unless someone tells them to.

aih. i miss my grandmother. haven't seen her in three years.

i'm babbling here because i don't know what to blog about. but i just feel like writing it all down here.

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