October 27, 2011

wrap witchery for you

weather forecast for today's gathering: cloudy. just enough time for us to execute wrap witchery!

i now declare that spot as 'babywearing land'. whoever defies me... off with their head!

ahhh... the unsuspecting minions. the perfect victims.

the selected victim

baby has sensed something amiss... looks the other way...

victim ambushed by the wicked witches three

paparazzi getting ready for story breakthrough

transformation uno...

transformation dos...

voila~! tres! (shyte... keping! T__T)

high table going through final round of judgement

meeting adjourned... sayonara folks!

wrap witchery was brought to you today by the following wraps:
- carmin
- eisblau shorty
- grad natty linen
- rdbmama's burgundy 2010 pfau

ok so despite the rushed meetup and the evening rainfall:
- i had fun
- i got smitted by ayam masak merah
- Dayana got to stretch her legs at the playground with Sarah's dot
- i got to eat nasi campur at KLCC's food court (tapi sayangnya takde soup!)
- i got tipped over by how cute Lita's babydoll shirts turned out to be

photos taken by Roshilla Hashim's super duper DH, we wouldn't have super photos without him. more photos at the MBW group. taaa~

oh and Happy Deepavali! RathiDevi, i miss going over to your place for Muruku!


Dina said...

nice photos! :D
Dinara is such a willing wearee :)

E`n1x said...

yes! <3 and luckily for me, she's light enough for me to carry without breaking my back haha