February 14, 2011


Dinara Nur Amani, 5 months+

woohoo... me likey this application. well, sorta. i like how i can make my photos looks soooo... ancient. as in zaman mak bapak kita punye old photos, those yellowy easy-to-crumble-into-dust photos. padahal baru taken in the year 2011. kekeke.

my mom says Dinara looks just like her when she was small. i think i look like her too when i was younger. i just need to korek balik my old photos to compare =)

the only thing i don't like about digital photography is that you have to develop the images yourself if you want everything to be printed out into hardcopy - not to mention all that categorizing and sorting according to date/event - and stored into photo albums, old style. who knows if your PC suddenly decide to turn the table against you and crashify itself? and guess how many photographs i have stored in the PC over the past years? hundreds. or probably thousands, hahahaha. you could have them printed out yourself, but i don't have the patience for it, sorry~.

i just have one question though. to those who actively use this application, did you purchase it or are you using the free version? noob question here hahaha.

offtopic note(s):

i asked the tailor downstairs at LG how much would it cost to have my hemp wrap chopped and rehemmed (and to also move the middle markers). you know how much she wanted to charge? rm45. FORTY-FIVE!!!! wtfh. rm5 to relocate the middle markers, so two markers make rm10. cekik darah, i tell you! now i know how tailors manage to survive here in KL hahahahhaha.

the shipment from Kirsten has now reached Malaysian customs. i know that certain somebody is excited beyond words though. i just wish the items from sampan country would arrive faster. destashing is made difficult without it.

even though tomorrow is a holiday (Maulidur Rasul), i forsee that my leave will need to be reluctantly forfeited, due to some crazed correlator that refuses to pick up my files and process them. haiz~

SR will be rented out soon, although i am happy because that would mean income to the family, i am half sad to think that i would not be able to drop by once in a while as an escape pad whenever i think life gets tough, which is more often than not.

my blog is tardily outdated, i have soOOOoo many outdated posts to write... CRY!!!

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CuppyCakeMommy said...

so cute..do write more babe..

btw babe..i ada buat promotion puzzle sets for dayana..jom terjah