February 22, 2010

sheep issues

as predicted i'm up at 2am every day without fail with a temporary case of insomnia. sigh. i've been at it for the past week, wide awake in the middle of the night unable to go to sleep, not to mention with a severe case of skin itchiness all over my body (despite not eating prawns, which i'm kinda allergic to). then i face the day totally drained by the time it reaches 2pmish.

i went for my second checkup at DEMC on Saturday. again my normal Gynae was nowhere to be seen, so i had to see a replacement for the second time. i didn't mind. this Dr was also very nice, but it would be even nicer to see the same Dr that delivered Dayana, just to show how big that little rascal has grown, if you know what i mean =P. anyway, i'm currently in my twelfth week, but according to the scans, the size indicates that the baby is about 13 weeks along. so check against next month's progress to get the correct timeline. at this rate i'm going to expect another August baby (and confirm i'll need to ganti puasa and miss out on raya goodies again this year *sob*).

i lost 0.5kg compared to previous visit T_T.

the baby was really active during the ultrasound. i was really happy, although it's too early to feel a thing externally. heck i don't even look pregnant. i look buncit! hahahahahah. if you ask Dayana, 'mana baby?' she'll come over and pat my tummy. sungguh pandai. although i'm not sure if she really undestands that there really is her little brother or sister in my tummy. lol.

sent Significant Other to the airport Saturday night. met Mus and wifey at the check-in counter, the wifey coincidentally taking the same transit flight to Singapore, haha. Dayana was more interested in roaming around the airport than bidding her Daddy goodbye. we had KFC for dinner (coleslaw + whipped potato + chilli sauce = heaven =P) while Dayana was more excited hanging out at the children's playground than having her dinner @@.

at 2am i couldn't sleep so i finished the leftover coleslaw and mashed potato. hahahah.

on Sunday i went for a mini meetup at Cineleisure, more to return Emiza's RS more than anything, lol. it was good to meet up with the peeps. i didn't take any photos because Significant Other borrowed my camera. Dayana had so much fun running around with kids her age, she immediately konked out once we were in the car. i arrived late for a baby shower at Mawar's before heading off to my mom's place afterwards since we were already in the area.

as usual i couldn't fall asleep so i watched a horror movie about ventriloquist dolls on Astro (i hate doll movies) but i woke up at 7am this morning because Significant Other took control of the PC and blasted on some mp3 song full blast just to annoy me. chis. and since she's a big girl now, Dayana is now more excited at video conferencing with her Daddy on Skype. lol.

that's about my weekend. i am so not looking forward to the next 4 working days =(.

btw, congrats to Fahmi and Jo on their engagement. looking lovely!

and i misplaced my pink + purple butterfly bracelet yesterday =(. has anyone seen it?


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