February 1, 2010

Dayana = 17 months

happy federal territory day to the KLians. too bad i'm no longer a KL-citizen. i'm officially now known as another kind of 'zen. hahah.

so. dayana is 17 months old already =). i haven't been up-to-date on her daily progress these days (she evolves really fast for me to keep track of all her milestones lol). i received my monthly Babycentre updates just now in the mail and some points mentioned about her current acheivements got me a bit intruiged - because they seemed to relate to her at the moment =P.

1. If "no" hasn't already become her favourite word, she'll begin using it with a vengeance.there was one time when Daddy was trying to get her to understand the word no'. he'd tell her 'No Dayana, no' whenever she wanted to try and fiddle with Daddy's laptop. then one day when he was still trying to get her to understand that she shoudn't do a particular something, out of the blue, she replied back to her Daddy, 'no!'. hahahahah boy i was real surprised. he managed to teach her how to say the word instead of understanding the meaning. hahahahaha.

and now? she's gotten really smart at when she can use the word. take yesterday for instance. we were taking a look at some properties and this particular showroom had a mini playroom to keep kids occupied while the parents rounded the showroom. they had this playslide which Dayana absolutely took delight in, sampai takmo balik. when i told her, 'ok Dayana, let's go home' you know what she said? 'nonononononono!'. aiyak. menangis tak ingat when we dragged her back into the car. kekekeke.

this happens alot whenever we let her go on any kind of rides and such. punye syiok until tak nak balik. haiz. she'll scream her lungs out each time we drag her away.whenever we want her to do anything and she doesn't want to do, she'll reply you with 'no' in a vengeance-like kinda way. haiz. i think 'no' is overrated. now we need her to think positive and say 'yes' pulak. haha.

2. Toddlers are famously picky eaters.i am officially out of ideas on how to get her to eat a variety of food. she'll practically spit out any form of lumpy food once she detects it. i need to invest in more toddler bibs at this rate, i tak larat nak basuh baju already @@. currently she'll happily eat plain rice (softened up with soup), plain bread (any form of spread on top is a nono), biscuits or cereal (she used to love Biskut tiger until she graduated to more sweeter biscuits, and if cereal she'll be happy to crunch on Honey stars and Koko Krunch), porridge (assuming all the additional ingredients are mashed up beyond recognition), spaghetti... er, what else. any unfamiliar food she will immediately reject - i tried to give her organic pumpkin + apples + xxx and she didn't like it, even though the taste is actually not bad. pergh. but she enjoys her milk though. she'll never say no to that.

other things i've noticed about her:

3. she still refuses to let me to brush her teeth. and if she does, she'll want my toothbrush and not hers. cheh. she'll brush her teeth for a few seconds and chew on the toothbrush for a bit before declaring herself done with the task. previously each time i ask her to brush her teeth (and even demo'd by showing her how i brush my own teeth), she'll want to brush mine instead -.-. she also finds the taste of the toothpaste weird. lol.

4. she is officially a youtube junkie! Daddy downloaded a bunch of cartoon theme song clips for her to watch on iPhone whenever she gets bored during journeys. latest videoclips she finds interesting is 'alif ba ta' songs. her current music favorite is Shaun the Sheep (it's Shaun the Sheep, it's Shaun the Sheep~). hehe. i kinda like the show too. reminds me of Wallace & Gromit, you know, where all the characters look like they're made out of clay. haha.

5. after coming back from her grandparent's place in Bangi last weekend, she now refuses her pacifier. weird huh. i was planning to get her weaned off her pacifier soon, but she decided to reject it all by herself. kinda reminds me of the time she rejected breastfeeding all by herself one fine day. even during sleepy time she doesn't want it. but because of this i find it very difficult to get her to go to sleep. she sleeps as late as me! gwahhh.

6. she still hasn't got the hang of saying 'Mommy'. sheesh. if 'mama' terre sangat lah. 'Daddy' lagi pro. hilang je Daddy out of her sight, she'll go 'De-di? De-di?' sambil tengok keliling looking for her Daddy. chis.

... so these are a few milestones that i can recall at the back of my head. i'll update more later as i gradually gain my memory.

updates on me:i officially hate chocolate. it makes me feel sick. i know i shouldn't have taken Kit Kat for breakfast. now i'm having some kind of upset tummy =(. i wonder if i can take the rest of the day off. huhu.


Ummi to Hamzah said...

Wonderful update on dayana's milestones @17 months old. Good job mummy lilly ;)

adrianathani said...

hehe...the word "no" is always one of their first words! aqil used to be like dayana when it came to rides and everything, but since we introduced the "countdown" method (5 minutes to go - ok, you have two minutes - alright, 5 seconds then we leave k...5-4-3-2-1), the tantrums are much less.

also, i subscribe to "daily groove" newsletter, and this is one of my favorites:

E`n1x said...

mawar: thanks i guess =)

adrin: does it really work? ohh sometimes i feel like i wanna pull my hair out whenever i want to try new things with Dayana. lol!

adrianathani said...

oh i know how you feel - aqil is going through a really "rigid" phase right now where nothing can change EVER. everything must be done the same way always - eating, pooping, bathing, playing, etc etc. tensionnnn!

so far the countdown does work like 80% of the time. another tip that i forgot - make sure they aren't cranky when you are trying to segue to another activity. i notice that nothing will work if i had used the amusement ride to divert him from a tantrum in the first place - the tantrum will just return at full force when we have to leave the ride!

also, i love this book: "happiest toddler on the block".