February 12, 2010

knitting for dummies

i guess after talking to adriana i got a bit excited at the idea of embarking on a new project, so yesterday after work i dropped by Subang Parade. since my tummy no dummy, i satisfied my KFC craving first (baby #2 has alot of junkfood/fastfood craving) and then only headed off to the place i was initially looking for - Lily Handicraft.

i was initially inspired after seeing how flawlessly aida managed to miraculously create such lovely knits for her baby Mia, especially the knitted cashmerino cardigan and the knitted baby blanket she posted on her blog. i was thinking that since knitting didn't involve sewing machines, i have a fairly good chance at excelling at this, hahaha (i sucked at sewing. for ERT during my secondary school days, i remember crying to my mom to help me finish my sewing projects. kekekeke). aida makes sewing seems so easy like chewing gum. and besides, i just realized how dull my life is. i have no creative hobby!

so... this is my first attempt. the people there were really helpful. i get a free lesson since i bought supplies from the store (which isn't that cheap, imo). i'm still unsure as to how to start from scratch on my own, or how to connect threads once i'm out of yarn, or how to finish it (heck i can't even visualize the end product!), but first things first kay =P. i'm clueless as to all the terms they use in knitting i.e knit, purl, casting, dropstitch (pickupstitch? hahahaha). and yesterday i think i literally dropped a stitch (i don't know what this means, i imagine you dropping your knitting project onto the floor, hahahahah) so after only knitting a few rows i am now officially stuck because i'm not sure how to continue. i stared at my handiwork for the whole night and still didn't manage to get any bright ideas =(. and the store will only be open next Friday after the CNY break. sigh.

i decided to try 'tinking' and it kinda worked... i managed to solve my boo-boo! yay! and i made a bunch of mistakes along the way and had to 'tink' again *cry*. it's not easy trying to figure out what went wrong. and at the moment i'm out of yarn and i got no idea how to incoporate a new ball of yarn into my creation. hihi.

mil says Baby #2 will be a creative baby... since i'm embarking on this sort of project... lol. i can only say that this pregnancy makes me crave for lots of unhealthy stuff, cold water and indomie included. heu~

ta-da! =P my first attempt at knitting

let's see if i have the patience to finish this


Ummi to Hamzah said...

Oh wow rajin u lilly :) i've always wanted to give a try at knitting tp never got around to it. Dont think i have enough patience :p if xsalah my mum and sis was into it dulu2. Good luck k! Enjoy the hols, btw dpt x my email invite? Jemput dtg, hope u and Family can make it! There's gonna br a game, brush up ur painting skill pls ;)

adrianathani said...

hehe...i'm glad you've got the knitting bug! hopefully after a couple of projects you can get to worj on bibs, booties and wool shorties/longies for your next baby!

i really can't tell what went wrong through the pics...hmm...i'd suggest you get at least one knitting how-to book. my favorite is "stitch'n bitch". very good, straightforward, hip book. also, youtube is your best friend in knitting! ;D

SlingMeMama said...

wahhh, rajinnyer... the things with my both pregnancy..... i rajin berinternet saja. hahahaha

aidafiqs adamia said...

yay awesome that u're knitting now! agree with adriana to get a book. my fav is simply baby by debbie bliss.lots of great baby projects and good intro to knitting basics on the front. baca part intro dia tu dh boleh buat the projects in there..

E`n1x said...

mawar: nampak sangat takde kerje nk buat - i need a distraction from my itchies!. n tu baru nk buat a straightforward design. belum lagi complicated ones...

adrin: lol. managed to pick up and continue. definitely will need to get guide books after this. is 'knitting for dummies' easy to understand? haha.

shida: i hilang mood berinternet la. bagus tak. save money sikit. kekeke

aida: they don't have that book here in malaysia. do you think i can ship one from the UK? i really really really want to try the blankie design that u made in ur blog. looks really snuggly for a nb!

adrianathani said...

Yeah, the "knitting for dummies" boook isn't bad :D Btw, sometimes BookXcess at Amcorp Mall sells really cheap knitting books. Definitely worth a look!