January 12, 2010

and the dread continues

i feel sick. been feeling sick the past week. i even lost my appetite looking at my wraps, if you can imagine that. i've been feeling a bit gassy the past week, with me feel like throwing up if i don't take my meals on time. someone used to tell me i should always eat my meals on time, because once a gastric patient, always a gastric patient *gulp*.

did i mention i even loss my mood to shop? i suppose that's a good thing. heck i even passed up the chance to buy a Jumpsac RS at 30% off! was i crazy, or what? (on the bright side, i did manage to convince a new mama friend of mine to get one for herself, so here's to you Syaz, and here's to another new babywearing mama =P).

browsing through fsot makes me want to puke. i haven't been crapping much in the forums either. haha. i think those mbw mamas miss me already =P.

i even lost the mood to blog. i find it a bit disappointing when people plucks out certain bits and pieces of your blog for their own villainous reasons. it's up to you if what you want to write (as a place to express how you feel inside, ain't it?) but it's just not nice for readers to spread the news around as if it were their own... i believe the word is 'gossip'. bahhhhhh.

then i have the house to think about... it's not cheap to buy a house!!! think a million times before you decided to get a house of your own. well, unless you're really loaded and don't really care about the expenses incurred... =P

remember i mentioned about a feeling of dread accompanying the new year? well... is this it???? *gulp*. at this rate i am sooo not looking forward to the end of the month when i'll be throwing myself back in the sea where all the sharks are *teeth chattering*. i hope it's for the best. i don't want to go crying in the opposite direction.

but then... each dark gloomy cloud has a silver lining. and i received my silver lining yesterday.

"Ak*bar Ikhl*as: Excited but at the same time feeling worried..."

hmm. maybe i should start to worry as well. eh wait, does worrying qualify as a silver lining? hahahahaha.

i haven't been writing much about Dayana these days, forgive me. but i do wanna write down before i forget that she got her very first smooch(es) from the opposite sex! hahahahahaha. well if a kiss on the cheek qualifies as one =P. we were browsing through a home appliance store in Subang where there was a couple with their 2 year-old kid. the two little ones kinda bonded a bit while the older generation oohed and ahhed over the appliances (you know how Dayana is once she spots a kiddo her age, lol). the kid was cute (he was of mixed parentage) and super friendly. he tried to high-five Dayana but i think she didn't understand ('gimme five' and 'high-five' seem to be two different things to her) but she did trail after the kid, dragging her Chewy along T_T. he even knocked her to the floor in an attempt to hug her, lol. hope we see the family around in the future. they seem really nice =) (and i hate it when i freeze in an attempt to start conversations with strangers, bahhh).

yesterday me, Significant Other, Gesty and Amal played Monopoly. somehow it's the current thing to play when everyone's at home =). guess who won?

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JumpSac Baby® Slings said...

I freeze most of the time too :p hahahaha