January 14, 2010


1. ellaroo claudia - fs, measures 144 inches *sold
2. ellaroo christiane
3. didymos mandarin indio 6 - never leaving, may be chopped
4. girasol symphuo, measures ~4.5m - may be leaving
5. didymos lago indio 4 - fs, measures 148 inches *sold
6. didymos silk indio aphrodite 4 - never leaving
7. didymos quarz linen 5
8. didymos cgw 4 - fs *sold
9. didymos kiesel linen 4 - fs *sold
10. natibaby pp butterflies 5 =)
11. amazonas laguna - may be replacing christiane

ring sling:
1. sbp storch ulli
2. sbp girasol chococabana
3. jumpsac ugs linen
4. jumpsac ugs pure linen
5. comfy joey silk moccha souffle

(kepada hasben yg sedang membaca ini, be happy that your wife still has a strong will unlike me, muahahahhahahah)

just a stash list, no stash pic because that seals the deal that i have the symptoms of being a hoarder =P. i guess once my si arrived, nothing else can compare. hehe.

just curious, if i had to let go of 4 of what i have above, which ones do you recommend that i keep? because i'm seriously in the mood to destash. but i got no idea which one.

excuse my mood, i still feel like a bottomless pit atm. i wonder how other people can cope (Sarah i think i finally understand what you mean, haha).

today am reducing the prices of most of my stuff that's for sale... i need to make room for additional items, as well as clearing out my dues. i really shouldn't be brooding so much. in fact i should be happy that my life is taking a new corner. but you know me. i like my comfort zone. for all i know, there are sharks out there, or even Freddie Krueger waiting for me to close my eyes so that he can invade my dreams and give me nightmares until the end of time *shiver*.

i've got 5 years to clear out. should i store, or dump?


Ummi to Hamzah said...

What a long list of "destashing" :)
Btw congrats about lil autumn's getting a summer. I am happy for you!! :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

lily bestnye your stash..did your si arrive yet?what kind did you get? is cgw as soft as raved?why is mandarin never leaving?best ke?

E`n1x said...

aida, si arrived long time already. i think i had it sometime since november? i guess you know by now why i am loving my SI =P
cgw in my opinion is not as thick, but not too thin like vat. it has a cush in it, so when you wrap macam best je =). but mine is a bit crunchy due to the dye job i guess.
mandarin is never leaving because it's htf! unless of course, i can trade it for a Rosie or a Lampone =)