July 18, 2016

raya weekend

Saturday morning i woke up early and headed to Meru.

i will always be amazed at how a huge heavy box such as in the below photo can actually fit into the boot of a Myvi. a Myvi, of all cars! that box couldn't even fit into my Insight, even after folding down the back seats!

there was another person who also had to go back and get another car because the box couldn't fit into this car boot, either. hahahahha. the lady even said the box could actually fit into a Kancil omg. are Myvis and Kancils the evolved version of a Doraemon pocket? lulz. luckily my bil owned a Myvi. and that he was still at home when i asked him if i could borrow his car. he didn't believe it either when i said that box couldn't fit into my own car. lol.

can fit into a Myvi :O

the box is freaking heavy! umm what's in the box, you ask? you don't wanna know. hahahahha.

freaking heavy

the company was having a clearance sale of some sort, and the husband's simulator centre that he used to work with needed one... for simulation purposes i guess. haha. even my mom asked me where did i get the MTB (did she say MTB? i thought she said MPV... i might have heard wrong lol... nanti i check with her). my mom says earlier meal cart trolleys were designed differently, and she asked were there any extras? =D~~~ btw, is it a norm to sell stuff without any photos of the actual item? on the inside it's pretty cool; you could actually fit alot into this meal cart. heck, i could store junk food upstairs in this thing and save up alot of counter space! hahahahhaha.

meal cart! or MTB as my mom calls it

it was already evening and raining when i headed out to my friend Mekbie's open house in Hartamas. they served rendang!!!! woohoo! my kids without fail will always ask to see the inside of the house first, be it a wedding or open house. i don't really know what they look for inside (kids their age, perhaps?). but there were other kids in the house, so pepandai la diorg layan diri while the mother go stuff her face with food. bahahahhaha.

we must also not forget to take selfie with the glowing mummy-to-be =D.

rendang!!! woohoo
with the preggy mummy, 36 weeks

on Sunday we held a family gathering for my mom's side of the family (we supplied the venue, lol). at 11 sharp a whole bunch of my cousins arrived (wau there were punctual haha). caterer pun tak sampai lagi, eep. uncles, aunties and cousins came all the way down from as far as Kuantan and Ipoh for this event. i haven't seen most of my cousins since forever, so it was great to spend the whole day mingling with everyone.

alhamdulillah, it stayed sunny for most of the afternoon. i was so busy running around that i totally forgot to take photos of the event. haha.

Sophia fluttered from one person to the other, she seemed happy to be roaming about all by herself with so many people in the house. it's usually cricket noises for her most of the time, lol.

Party Princess Butterfly

after food official photos, everyone took the party to the pool. my elder two water babies were the first kids to jump into the pool under the freaking hot sun T___T. the other kids wanted to go in, and since kids needed supervision, so the adults had to get into the pool too =P~. some were smart enough to bring water guns to fight with. that will soon be in my children's wishlist. hee~

everyone went swimming... haha

even Emma kinda opened up to strangers. cool eh? she started out hi five-ing everybody, and then pretty soon i left her wandering around the house to mingle with everyone (in other words, as long as i stayed out of her line of sight, then she be good hahahahha).

Spaghetti Chipmunk
experienced bibik =D

i think i might be the only person in the world that does not know about this Cincau segar drink =D i find it freaking delicious haha. a big cincau fan here! well, my dad used to buy cincau by the block during the fasting month and we'd chop it up into pieces and add them into our drinks for iftar. i wonder if Tesco carries this brand. i dunno about the 'rasa asli' part, but some people did mention that it tasted too sweet.

sedap gila ayaq ni

and here we are attempting to take the most awesomest family photo. how many of us were there again? (1, 2, 3.... *attempting to count and failing miserably) =P

we can fit into the living room!

later that evening we sambung beraya at Naili's Place in Sentul. it was past nine when we arrived, it had been raining the whole evening. no lemang here =(. or maybe finish. Nedd, mana lu?

sambung beraya kat Naili's
sempat menyelit in the photo lol

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