July 15, 2016

post-raya post

selamat hari raya! is it too late for me to wish? =D

i feel like my raya isn't complete without being able to visit a couple of open houses first. i didn't really get to celebrate raya properly last week (read: stuffing my face with countless food of rendang, lontong, lemang, and the likes of it) because the husband was working and 'had' to celebrate raya in India. haha. so... anyone doing open houses within the month? i want to gate-crash! =P

i owe this blog countless of entries... does anyone even read blogs these days? with more users migrating to Instagram or SnapChat or FB or whatever social app that i don't even know about, most of my online reading materials have gone extinct... seriously! i think it's been awhile since i even picked up a story book, either. oh if you're a Harry Potter fan, you MUST buy this book when it comes out end of the month:

can you believe i haven't pre-ordered this book? i don't know what i'm waiting for. hahahaha. and here i thought The Cursed Child was only released in theater form. i'm not an e-book fan because i already stare at my office monitor 8 hours a day (more if i work overtime), and then continue staring at my phone screen during odd hours, so why would i need to add more strain to my eyes staring at yet another digital screen? going traditional is much better, thank you.

so many people have been farming spiders on their own blogs; it's sad because that means i lose my source of online reading materials =(. people get too busy with life, work, (instagram), kids... but sometimes when they do actually update, it's usually one of those advertising entries, which i skip altogether (bo-ring). i guess i'm gonna have to expand my url reading materials when i have the time to trawl. anyway, what i'm saying is that i'll try to post updates more often (more for myself than for you actually) so that you won't write me off so easily. lol.

i had a Dr. appointment this morning, i've been having stomach cramps for the past couple of days that just wouldn't go away. even after getting TWO MCs, i'm still online, working my butt off. how much fun is that? haha.

in the meantime, here's a photo of the four rascals that drive me crazy every time i try to work from home:


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