July 8, 2014

zatgebo reflections

i was lucky to have been able to own this beautiful wrap for awhile before it flew off to its new owner earlier today. this wrap came to me quite unexpectedly, the previous owner was looking for a trade and i jokingly offered my zatgebo nightfall (of which the length and colors were not quite my taste). who knew she was actually interested, and so we traded for each other's wraps. and so home it came to me =).

the mastermind behind the beauty of Zatgebo is Wendi Stemmons. did you know each letter in the brand name represents the name of each of her children, in order of birth? planned or coincidence? lol.

zatgebo reflections, heather weft

zatgebo reflections is 100% cotton, it's a size 4.1m, plain weave, heather weft. it's a blue wrap, so what's not to like? i was already had as soon as the mama sent me her action photos, hahaha.

solid, sturdy

i find this wrap a bit denser than my previous zatgebo nightfall. nightfall was deliciously broken in, reflections wasn't quite so, despite having traveled in an effort to be broken in, still felt the stiffness of a freshly washed wrap. i'm not a fan of that white stripe on one side of the rails, but i love the soft shade of green on the other rail of the wrap.

flat shot

if that 11/13 on the label depicts when the wrap was created, then i guess i actually sold a wrap that has the same birth month as me :O :O :O

zatgebo wrap label

i lent this wrap to a friend for awhile and she offered me to sew on a middle marker. i told her she's going blind the wrap already had one. there wasn't any obvious markers to see, but if you look closer, it actually does have a middle marker. i'm not sure what you call that type of middle marker, but it's a thicker thread that's woven into the wrap, like in the photo below:

middle marker
i love this rail colors
under artificial light
a lousy action shot

ish. just seeing my action photo makes me have a twinge of regret about selling it. to further pour salt onto my injury (haha, ayat!), Significant Other told me the night before that he likes the wrap. and he doesn't do that often ok. but i realize he tends to say stuff like that AFTER i sell them. chis.

am now iso-ing a twill weave zatgebo, just to satisfy my curiosity. i've never have any luck with draws, so i'm glad that my friend has offered me to try her twill for awhile to see whether i like it or not.

and maybe another blue wrap. since i'm a blue color lover, that way. hee~.

reflections stock photo from the weaver

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