July 16, 2014

let's bully Phia

the youngest one is getting cheekier and cheekier every day.

she's at the age where she's getting real good at expressing herself. like:

- she'll pull her sister's hair - mode geram haha
- insists that i rescue her from her jail cell every time i pass by
- and when i do pick her up and attempt to put her back down, she'd arch her back and squeeze her legs around me so that i'm forced to continue holding her hahahhahahaha
- finally knows how to use a handphone - she'd jab at the ipod screen and then hold it to her ear, haha
- pandai berebut vitagen with her elder sisters, haha
- "ppbbbbbbbbbbbbt"
- shakes her head sepenuh hati until she gets dizzy

(i still don't know why she can't do the twinkle twinkle hand gestures until now no matter how hard i try to teach her T_T)

well anyway, i purchased a couple of headscarves for the kids from Ladorn last week. my friend wanted to stalk a LovetoDress outfit at Modvier so while she was busy trying and deciding, i grabbed once each for the elder kids - a yellow and blue (because i was sick of the 'i wan pink one!' mandatory color haha).

bibik suka bully Sophia. my sister came by for the weekend and we were lepakking downstairs with the kids when this appeared at the doorway:

haha! a minion

omg cuteness overload, i almost didn't recognize her, chubbiness and all. sporting pulak cik kiah ni pakai tudung, haha. she kept running in and out of the room, occasionally letting out a 'ppppppppppppbbbbbbbbbbbbtttt' in an effort to mesh into the minion role.

luckily she ain't yellow, else she'd make a perfect minion, kekekekeke.


bibik mau buli lagi, she had her wear Dinara's school backpack.
minions go to school too, you know.
at age of One, all set to go to school already. ish ish. 

all set for school

L'adorn NADE EL LUNAXyra in Light Blue

this one is Mommy's doing, i bought a skirt for Dinara at the Vendeur Festival last weekend and slipped it on Pia, bahahhaha.

evening gown haha

Onulaa Julia Maxi Skirt

and yesterday since it was a holiday i took the kids and bibik to get their ears pierced. bibik wanted to pierce her ears and convinced Dinara to pierce hers as well. sampai meleleh air mata Dinara ok haha. i had to bribe her with a lollipop afterwards. Dayana had already gotten hers last year, tapi sibuks mau lollipop as well, chis.

after bibik's turn they asked me if i wanted to do the same for the baby. i didn't even know they could do so, since she was only a little after One year old. but i was like ok, why not? and up on the stool went baby. she cried all right - crocodile tears, hahahaha. chomel!

with short hair and earrings she reminds me of a junior gangster, bahahahahha.


so how has puasa been treating you?

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