May 11, 2014

tlc sports day 2014

this year tlc held their Sports Day indoors, at Setia Badminton Academy. and since it was held indoors, they held the event in the afternoon instead of the usual morning.

each year they combine students from other tlc branches for the event - Damai, Kota Damansara and Ttdi Jaya. it started to rain when i arrived, so the event got delayed while waiting for other parents to arrive. the hall started to feel stuffy too.

so on Saturday we used Waze to get to the location. upon registering, they kids were given a colorful door gift each. Dayana had to wear a turtle hat for the marching ceremony, hehe. she was sorted into the Red team, Dinara was put into Yellow.

door gifts

after the march past and the kids' performances, the first event was for the 4-year olds. spot Dinara in the line-up below! muka selamba je. the kids had to run from one end to the other and carry out a small task before running back to the other side. anak orang lain kemain lagi lari, anak i pula? lenggang kangkung sambil makan angin, until one of the teachers had to drag her along, hahahah. gila tak competitive Dinara ni -___-.

minah gediks in the line-up

*shuffle shuffle shuffle*

then i waited for the 6-year olds turn. there's Dayana lining up below, with the turtle hat still on her head =P. her first event was the 3-legged race. these kids did pretty well actually, shuffling from one end to the other without falling. they also had a balloon-blowing competition, but we all know Dayana knows nuts about blowing balloons on her own haha.

i met one of my neighbours here, her granddaughter goes to the same school as Dayana too.

spot the turtle

three-legged race

this year the kids didn't go home empty-handed. they each got medals! mak pulak excited.

my medals!

the happy camper

there was also a competition held for the kids' parents, mainly the men. they had to create a three-tier human pyramid, like what cheerleaders do best. here's a photo i took from afar. our tlc branch got 4th place, bahahahah.

human pyramid

going home now. toodles!

going home!

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