May 14, 2014

happy birthday, Sophia

Tuesday marked Sophia's First Birthday!
we're definitely excited.
the celebrated? not caring in the least.
but she was all smiles the whole day =D.

then and now

we took her and the kids shopping for her birthday present!

the elder two got consolation prizes too.
sorang tu wanted angel wings. the other one didn't care, so long as it was PINK.
the birthday girl? didn't show a single interest in anything specific. haha.

although, i had to wonder, whose birthday are we celebrating again?

she still allows me to wear her, so that's a good sign.
i tried gauging her weight based on (me+pia) - me = pia method.
she should weight about 7.9kg.
i find that heavy, just carrying her with my bare arms.

a little on the progress of the birthday girl:

her two top pearly whites are making an appearance now, woot woot.

kids at this age learn by observation. the proof? we batuk, she batuk.

me: *cough*
Pia: *cough*
Daddy: *cough cough*
Pia: *cough cough*
Daddy: *cough cough* *COUGH* *sputters*
Pia: tergamam sekejap. thinks Daddy's overdoing it


she waves at you if you wave at her.
depending on her mood ok.

when we say 'cak!', she tries her best to imitate us, complete with the intonation.

she discovered the 'art' of expelling liquid from her bottle by turning it upside down and pressing on the teat.
i woke up one night drenched in water. and her water bottle?
empty T__T.

 she sways violently from side to side whenever she hears music, haha!
i must catch this on video one day.

has huge stranger anxiety. seriously.

she finds blowing raspberries amusing.
especially when there's milk in her mouth -____-

happy Birthday Sophia! we love you!

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