January 13, 2014

when photos do the story telling

my weekend in a nutshell:

1.sold off an office table:

sturdy table hokeh. tabik spring

a table that has greatly done its justice.
has been in the family for so many years due to its sturdiness.
and yet you have been replaced by another.
au revoir, table. you will be deeply missed.

2.mil and mak chu took the kids painting:

oooo, elmo rupanya

nana was supposed to take the kids to KizSport.
how were we to know they relocated???
so they ended up here instead, painting.

the kids' interpretation of 'art':

big Kedah fan HAHA
blue... bell?

3. celebrated tok ami's birthday:

cake from Baker's Cottage

tok ami's 6Xth birthday this year. we love you Tok Ami!
we had a nice dinner at a chinese muslim restaurant and had cake later.
the kids will never pass up an opportunity to blow candles.
they never say no to cake.
Dayana was so excited to present Tok Ami with her present. lol.
she even made Tok Ami a birthday card.

i'm confused as to whose birthday it is actually:

berebut tiup lilin, berebut potong cake

4. the little one tagged along to D1's swimming class:

creepy crawley

been meaning to bring her swimming but the thought of handling two kids (plus one) all by myself scares the crap out of me.
i need at least 4 hands for the job now.

5. the cats looking freakingly bored caged up all day:

sparky and oatsy

i've neglected my favorite animal with the existence of my three children.
my children are already kittens all on their own! O_o

6. trying to complete the collection:

one too many Sulleys

i only need Mike and Thor for my collection.
anyone interested in trading my Sulley for Mike?

7. blast from the past:

gone were the days of big fat sandwich tapes

spring cleaning in progress! i've tried calling up electrical stores on whether they still sell VCR players.
apparently they don't. one person i called up even had the nerve to laugh at me T___T.
my dad still keeps his old players. one is still working.
image quality back then were really lousy. HAHA

8. drooling over a friend's blet:


two words only:

9. sisterly love:

these two memang kamcheng

the oldest gets on marvelously with the youngest one.
doesn't matter if she wants to clamber all over her or pull her hair, Dayana will always allow her to.
so different from Dinara, who will scream for help each time the little one gets too close. hahah.

10. Sunday dinner:

chicken khabsa
chicken kebab

big Arab food fan. nothing but yummers all the way.

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