January 18, 2014

piercing post

and you still can't see her tooth

Sophia cut her first tooth at around 8 months old, which is wayy earlier than her older two sisters, who celebrated their first birthday toothless. so far only one tooth has popped up. some people say these teeth usually come in twos, but i dunno. tried to get the little one to open up but she refused. you can only glimpse her pearly white whenever she cries in mock protest. the only other way is that you stick a finger in her mouth and hope she doesn't clamp her gums onto it. hahah.

post-ear piercing

Dayana finally got her ears pierced. she's been wanting to do so since forever but Mommy kept procrastinating because she didn't know where to get them pierced. when asking around, i even made a bm-fail statement:

'kat mana nak tebuk telinga kat area xxxxxx?'

hebat BM i. sigh.

one day my friend told me i could get her ears pierced at the jewellers at pkns so i brought Dayana there on Saturday evening when Daddy and Dinara was sleeping (i wanted to bring Dinara too but since she was sleeping... too bad next time then).

when i asked Dayana again if she still wanted to to pierce her ears, she enthusiastically said yes, so i told her 'sakit kejap je, lepas tu tak sakit dah, ok?'. dia pun ok. i told her we'd go to Old mcDonald if she was a good girl.

it cost me rm24 to get her ears pierced. i let her choose the studs, she chose the round ones with white diamonds, because i told her the silver heart ones (her initial choice) were too small you couldn't even see that it's a heart =P. she didn't even cry when the lady pierced one ear, and then the other. but she was very very very very quiet throughout. control macho kut, hehe. so far, no infections, no continuous pain and so forth.

her new studs!

but she did worry about her ears that first night, she asked about how she was gonna sleep during the night, what if she squished her ears if she slept on her side? i gave her one of those U-shaped pillows that people bring with them onto flights and told her to set her head in between so that her head wouldn't move left and right. HAHAHA.

i jokingly told her that if her ears still hurt the next day, she had to stop eating chicken and eggs for awhile until her ears healed completely. i thought she wasn't really listening to me when i said that but when we were at mcD later i asked her if she wanted a chicken burger, she said 'tapi mami tadi cakap tak boleh makan chicken?' haha =P so she does listen to me even when she looks like she's not!

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