November 26, 2012

juney's wedding reception

i affectionately call her Juney. i didn't know she goes around by the name June =P. anyway, she FBed me months in advance about this event. didn't want to miss it because she's one of my oldest friends i still keep in touch with on FB. her birthday is also a day after mine =P which i have always remembered until now.

chee khoon & juney!
she had the reception at the Renaissance Hotel, smack in the middle of the intersection that kept bringing me heartache the last time i worked at KLCC. it's also the same hotel where i went for that Qatar interview (and where this one person told me i needed to 'mature abit' - having FA experience makes you a make-up know-it-all?). en route to the hotel i totally blanked out and kept asking Significant Other, 'mana? mana???' to his utmost irritation. luckily she held her reception on a Sunday, which makes harung-ing the weekend traffic slightly better, Significant Other delayed his return flight so i didn't end up going stag.

i love attending Chinese weddings. well, the food is good, for one =P. totally different from how the Malays do it.

the bride & groom are environmentalists so no shark's fin on the menu
the following three are also former schoolmates of mine - Wei Liang, Tania & Mei Mei. coincidentally Tania had her reception a month ago at the very same place lol. Mei Mei was my neighbour, we used to have tuition classes together with some boring Malay teacher. Wei Liang used to be ketua kelas, and Juney was penolong. coincidentally, they both shared the same birthday. HAHAHAHAHHA.

Significant Other jabbering with Wei Liang. ignore the other two cyber socialites lol
with some gorgeous ladies
oh btw, here's the bride. i only managed to get a photo with her at the end of all the shebang on our way out the door. i saved the best for last. heehee~

juney! gorgeous woman!
gorgeous kan? irl she isn't the china-doll type =P *ok lari just in case she comes across this post one day* congratulations again, Juney! much love!

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